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Writer Anne
Verified writer
4.0 (121)
Hi! I am Writer Anne, and I will be happy to assist you with your custom essays and papers, either writing them from scratch or editing and formatting the ones you have pre-written. I stick to writing clear and coherent papers, double-checking my texts for plagiarism and strictly following formatting and citation requirements. I have written over 500 essays and papers and am confident of my skills and my passion for writing and helping students, too. Feel free to contact me and I am always ready to assist!
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Dr. Murphy PhD
Verified writer
5.0 (650)
International Law
International Environmental Law
International Criminal Law
Property Law
Dear Customer, I am a long-standing academic writer having the experience of writing essays, research papers, thesis and more both for my own degree and for my clients. This has taught me various formatting and citation styles and trained me to strictly adhere to the requirements and deadlines of any assignment. Working with my customers, I always ask for important details and inform them about the progress of their paper. Of course, I follow zero-plagiarism policy. You are welcome!
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Prof. James (Environmental Law Expert)
Verified writer
5.0 (327)
Environmental Law
Environmental Science
Environmental Rights
Resources and Energy Usage
Climate Change
Dear Customers, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Law and am currently pursing my Master’s in international environmental law. At the same time, I’ve been working as a freelance academic writer for 4 years already and write all kinds of essays and research papers on environmental science, environmental rights, usage of resources and energy, climate change, sustainability issues etc. as well as law and business. I deliver well-researched, clearly written and properly formatted papers within specified deadlines. You may hire me if you need a professionally written paper in the respective fields of study, and I will gladly help.
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Prof. David
Verified writer
5.0 (1200)
Hi there! My customers’ feedback proves I am a competent, diligent, and accurate writer. I’ve been working as an academic writer since 2016 and having written over 1,200 papers since boast a solid experience in completing assignments on Environment, Economics, Law, Business and more. I’ve handled not only regular but also urgent orders successfully helping my clients get a high grade in their respective subjects. Besides, I strictly follow formatting requirements and the end result is always 100% plagiarism-free. Entrust me with your urgent assignments and be sure to get them timely and excellently written.
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Prof. Alice (Environmental Science)
Verified writer
4.0 (302)
Environmental Science
Environmental Protection
Environmental Sustainability
Economical Sustainability
Eco-friendly Technology
Energy Efficiency
Hello! As a Bachelor of Environmental Science and avid writer, I am eager to help students with their assignments related to Environmental Science and similar subjects related to environmental protection, economical and environmental sustainability, new eco-friendly technologies and approaches etc. Having a degree in this field, I can assist both students majoring in environment-related fields and those who are not. Besides, I am constantly expanding my own knowledge and prepare to apply for my Master’s Degree, which will make me a more qualified and helpful professional. Feel free to contact me with your environment-related assignments, and I will eagerly help!
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Just WOW!
June M
Ordered a paper on Environmental Health and I must say I am happy with it! In-depth research, clean structure, professional writing, adherence to all formatting requirements. I even got the paper 1 day before the deadline and had the time to check it! Got an excellent grade! Thank you thank you thank you!
Helped me with my essay
This website really helped me out with my 650-word essay at the last moment. Great, thanks!
Ok service when you need it quick
They saved my academic reputation in a dire situation when I was pressed for time. Pros: Delivered my essay before the deadline. Cons: The writer wasn't too communicative and I had to do some minor corrections. But then again, it was an urgent order and they got the job done. So all in all, I am satisfied and may recommend using this service for urgent tasks.
Not bad
Ordered a paper on Business from Writer Anne. This was not ungent but required thorough research. The research was well done and the structure was proper, the language use was also ok, but I had to correct some formatting. Eventually got a good grade for it.
Perfect! Highly recommended!
Diego F.
Ordered my paper on Environmental Law from a writer with a PhD degree and yes, it just clicked. Well-researched, on the topic, well-formatted, in proper English, everyting. Seriously I didn't expect that perfect quality. 10 stars out of 5!
Ok for its money
Hildegard A
The essay on Climate Change I ordered from them was ok, but some points were lacking and I had to edit it for a smooth flow. The writer has a good command of the subject, however his writing skills are not 100% perfect. At any rate, i always double check all my assignments before submitting and that helped. What can I say? Could be better, but was ok for the money they charged and helped me save my time on a minor assignment and devote it to more important subjects instead.
My second order and loving it
Ordered from them twice, essays on subjects I'm not majoring in and they are just great! You know, writing is just not my strong side. So i just assigned these tedious tasks to writing experts and focused on more important subjects. That works.

Last added papers

Commercial Production of the Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Tree
Words • 515
Pages • 3
Concerning Article 1, I believe the USDA should restrict the commercial production of the genetically engineered eucalyptus tree based on the reasons below. Environmentally, the production of engineered eucalyptus trees potentially increases the risk of wildfire. As evidenced by the...
People’s Lives are at Risk Every Day
Words • 1855
Pages • 8
As families get ready in the morning to leave for school and work, the last thought to come to their mind is the amount of contaminated air they will inhale and whether the water they are drinking is safe. But...
Green Strategies
Words • 459
Pages • 2
The Government imposes different rules and regulations on environmental protection, through the Environmental Protection Agency. Such laws directly affect businesses, in particular the manufacturing industries, which have large environmental contaminants. Moreover, consumers now buy green companies ' goods and place...
Offshore Drilling 
Words • 811
Pages • 4
As a little boy comes out of the water on their vacation he notices a brown stain on his swimwear. As he looks closer at the water he notices tarballs that are flowing along with the current of the water....
Crisis Management Article Review
Words • 759
Pages • 4
A school crisis can have a serious and profound impact on the entire school’s population. A school crisis can be defined as a devasting, sudden, uncontrolled and extremely negative event that has the potential to negatively impact a school’s community...
Water and Religion
Words • 844
Pages • 4
 Egypt Egypt was located along Fertile rivers, which provided nutrient soil. the Nile river was calm and, the rain would come every spring and summer, flooding the Ethiopian mountains which flowed into the Nile. with the excess water running into...
Overcoming Disasters
Words • 1014
Pages • 5
The conceptual framework above explains how the different concepts used in the study relate. Specifically, it shows that the impact of a landslide disaster requires appropriate coping strategies for affected people to become resilient economic, social, and psychosocial coping strategies,...
Construction Shortcomings
Words • 2756
Pages • 12
Introduction Gerald Desmond Bridge is located in California, Long Beach. The name of the bridge came after a former city attorney and a prominent civic leader known as Gerald Desmond. It was built of steel and was meant to replace...
Mexico’s Big Problems
Words • 572
Pages • 3
In Mexico, there are three big issues which are crime, pollution, and climate. These may be the causes of migration. Most of the countries that are facing these big challenges that millions of people are living in poverty are Indonesia,...
Implementation Of Trash Removal System In Water Bodies
Words • 1841
Pages • 8
India is a holy country and there is a lot of offense of increasing water pollution due to the accumulation of plastics and other trash during festivals and other occasions. Mainly the trashes in the water bodies is reclassified into...
Analyzing the Energy Utilization Efficiency
Words • 460
Pages • 2
With the rapid advances in networks and the world move towards global society, modern networks like cloud and fog computing, Internet of Things (IoT) becomes very popular. As a result, new types of potential problems are introduced. One of the...
Best Energy Supplier Apps for Smart Devices
Words • 891
Pages • 4
The relationship between energy suppliers and their customers are experiencing a period of transformation like never before seen. Gone are the days where the only interactions you would have with your electric company were monthly bills and the odd call...
Greenwood’s Rationale for Entering China
Words • 1183
Pages • 5
Company’s Introduction Greenwood Resources was founded by Jess Nuss in 1998. He was a bio resources engineer and had 12 years of experience in this industry. The company specializes in the development and management of fast growing tree plantation to...
Rising Global Temperatures and Crop Failures
Words • 2210
Pages • 9
The mass migration from Middle Eastern and North African countries in recent years has been a source of serious contention within domestic and international politics. As a result of conflict-ridden countries, government corruption, lack of political freedom, extreme poverty and...
Oceanography: The Deep-sea Exploration
Words • 980
Pages • 4
Oceanography, the science of the oceans and seas, includes marine environments, coastal zone, management, fisher economics and marine pollution. The deep sea is the largest biosphere on earth canvasing relatively 79% of the earth’s solid surface. The deep sea, according...
Global Climate Change
Words • 949
Pages • 4
Rapid urbanization, growing traffic and congestion, technological innovation, environmental effects, and social trends are drawing attention to and shaping the future of transportation services worldwide. The increasing affluence of citizens around the world and the inrush of people from rural...

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