Humanity VS. Animals

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I would like to show you a sculpture I have named Humanity VS. Animals. The purpose that this sculpture would serve is to show how we as humans treat animals unfair and how we wouldn’t do that to other humans. I would like to make a case for the sculpture by stating that it brings light to how men over feed livestock and mistreat livestock for production. This piece will target the audience through emotion and help them see the horrendous effects of overproduction.

What makes this piece so captivating is that by giving the pig human-like characteristics it makes the piece more relatable. It gives animals, in this case, the pig human emotions, by being given half of a man’s body it was able to show sadness so that it can fully and completely express itself.

The reasoning behind this is that just because animals can’t communicate or show their feelings as we do does not mean that they don’t have any emotions of their own.

In order to help change the way we teat animals we first need to help give them a voice and I believe this piece can help in doing just that. Every day around 25 million animals are slaughtered and about 71-83% of abuse cases in the US involve the owner’s pets according to the Animal Matters and The Humane Society websites.

If we truly want to see these numbers diminish we need to start taking action and change the way we treat animals.

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we need to fight for their rights and give them the voices they deserve. You have to ask your self if you wouldn’t miss treat, abuse, or neglect others then why do it to defenseless animals? In order for true change to happen, we have to stop seeing them as pest and start seeing them as equals. All it takes is for one person to take a look and realize the damage and the dramatic effects our negligence cause these animals.

If just one person would change their outlook on animals it can inspire many to start changing their views as well. One way we can help these animals is by eating less meat to bring down the number of slaughters per day. Another way is by adopting pets instead of shopping for them at pet stores. It is simple little things like these that can make a huge difference at the end of the day. By taking it day by day we can truly make a change and impact the future of these animals. As well as with the help of your organization we can reach people from all around the world and further spread the message that this piece is trying to send. Just because animals can’t speak to us does not mean that they are not trying to communicate with us and we need to start listening to them.

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