The Reasons Why Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government Should Step In and Reduce the Amount of Plastic Created and Used

Did you know that there’s enough plastic thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times? We use plastic for our everyday lives but we never consider the harmful dangers of it. Plastic is harmful to a lot of things like us and animals. The most damage is done to the environment. Everything we create is either mined, extracted, farmed, grown, fished or cut down and we don’t have that much resources. Since plastic doesn’t ever go away and uses up our resources, we should create more products that can be decomposed easily and reused. I feel that Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government should take action and attempt to decrease the amount of plastic we use and create. Just like paying 5 cents for a plastic bag, we should do other actions that include using less plastic.

One reason Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government should cease over-consumption of plastic is it causes a danger to animals. Plastic has been more harmful to marine animals than other animals. There’s about more than 100 000 marine animals that die from plastic each year. The more animals that die will change the ecosystem. Did you think that whenever you threw away your plastic bottles, containers, wrappers etc. that it would go away? Well,  you’re wrong because plastic isn’t biodegradable! So when you throw away all that plastic it ends up in the ocean. More than 46 000 pieces of plastic are floating in every square mile in a ocean. A bunch of animals eat plastic thinking it’s food and when they die and decompose, the plastic doesn’t. Some may think that if animals die it’s not a big issue, well we all depend on marine animals for fish, oil, minerals, gas and renewable energy. That’s why Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government should take action so animals, mostly marine, won’t die of plastic.

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists? Different types of plastic can degrade at different times, but the average time for a plastic bottle to degrade is 450 years. So, yes plastic does disappear, after a couple hundred years. There’s chemicals added to plastics and are absorbed by human bodies. This surely got your attention, since it includes you. Plastic is not just bad for animals but it’s bad for us! There’s chemicals inside plants that soak up toxins that can damage the nervous system and the immune system. The nervous system is the organ system that sends nerve impulses throughout your body to or from the brain and spinal cord. The brain and the nervous system are the most important organs in your body. The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect your body from bacteria. If the immune system can’t fight the chemicals then it’s bad. So, I believe that you nor anyone else would want chemicals damaging your most important organ system or the one that’s protecting your body. Some of the chemicals in plastic include BPA, Phthalates, Vinyl Chloride, Dioxin and Styrene. The most common chemical in plastic is BPA. BPA interferes with how our hormones function and produce. BPA can also cause heart disease for females, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and asthma. It can not only be found in plastic but in epoxy resins which are used as coatings inside food and drink cans. Don't worry, these toxix chemicals will only be shown when you heat or put your plastic under pressure, but wait how many times do you heat your food in a plastic container? Do you really want all this to happen to your body? Canada’s not the only country that has chemicals inside plastic, other countries around the world would also take action into stopping over consumption of plastic if they see Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government taking action.

Though plastic harms us and the animals, the most damage is done to the environment. This is the most important reason why Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government should take action into creating more decomposable and renewable plastic. It's bad for the environment because it causes plastic pollution. When plastic is gathered together in one area and starts to create problems for plants, wildlife and human population it's called plastic pollution. Plastic is useful to our everyday lives but it's made from toxic compounds that harm the human body, plants and animals. When plastic bags breakdown, they soak up toxins and contaminate the soil and water. It's bad for the plants because we use plants for medical purposes, herbs, and food. As you already know toxic compounds inside plastic are mostly BPA, which causes our hormones to change. Plastic creates  a lot of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide which leads to another problem, global warming. When you burn plastic it releases toxic fumes into the  air. The more consumption will create more pollution and waste and the essentials of life will get more toxic and polluted.

This concludes my essay. I hope that you realize the dangers of plastic and how it affects us, animals and the environment. As I stated that plastic includes chemicals which harm the human body and cause our hormones to change. I also stated that a big amount of marine creatures die from plastic and is a danger to the environment. What you can do to help improve these dangers is you can try reusing your plastic bottles or get a reusable water bottle instead of using the plastic ones. You can also not heat your food using plastic containers if you don't want to get a disease. These are all the reasons why I believe Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government should take steps towards a reusable community by decreasing the amount of plastic we use and create.

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