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War for Water

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Paolo Bacigalupi writes a near-future story concerning a drought that hits the western US. Due to the drought, there is a war over water along the Colorado River between Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. This science-fiction thriller interchanges from one main character to the next in each chapter. Eventually, the three main characters, Angel, Lucy, and Maria, all interact with one another. The first character we are introduced to is Angel Velasquez. He is a man employed by Catherine…...
Climate Change

Effect Of Soil And Water Conservation Measures On Soilproperty, Wheat Crop Productivity

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Land degradation is a major wide-ranging issue for the 20th century and will remain high on the intercontinental agenda even for the 21st century (Working Group on Land Degradation and Desertification of the International Union of Soil Sciences, 1999). Various sources suggest that 5 to 10 million hectares in the world are being ruined annually. If this trend continues,1.4 to 2.8 % of the total agricultural, pasture, and forestland will be lost by 2020 (Scherr and Yadav, 1996). Soil degradation…...
Climate Change

Problems Of State Lands And National Parks In The United States

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U.S laws and administration concerning the protection of public lands and national parks have, in recent years, suffered major policy changes and cutbacks. Already vulnerable parks are absorbing a surfeit of budget cuts and staff deductions while long-established conservation policies and regulations are suffering an onslaught of repeals. If further attention is not focused on the rapidly declining state of the national park and public lands issue, there will be an onset of irreparable consequences. The protection of public lands…...
Climate Change
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Consequences of No Earlier Actions

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Is it necessary to reduce climate gas emissions or, are all the changes natural? In this essay I`m going to talk about if we have to reduce the climate gas emission, or if we don`t have to do anything to avoid it. Gas emissions is a big topic in the world, and it is a lot of discussion around it. Some people do not believe that the climate changes are a problem in the world, and some have strong opinions…...
Climate Change

Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo is about a clownfish who is very cautious about his son Nemo. Marlin and his wife had a family together. Marlin was very protective of his family and wanted nothing more than the best for them. Marlin lost his family tragically to a barracuda. He noticed there was one egg left and he harbored it and named him Nemo. The word Nemo is Latin for (No one) Nemo was a bit hardheaded and feisty and often did what…...
Climate Change

Subsistence in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Pages • 3
As the population across sub-Saharan Africa continues to grow, the demand for food and agricultural resources increases as well. African diets are shifting from mostly grain-based to becoming more dependent on livestock and horticulture. With these changes in diet, agriculture is becoming affected and food systems are changing. Agra’s Africa Agriculture Status Report for 2017 states that food systems should be transformed to accommodate large agribusinesses to create more jobs for the increasing population. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) coupled…...
Climate Change

Eutrophication of Lake Winnipeg

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In the Province of Manitoba, Canada lies Lake Winnipeg. It is the 10th largest lake in the world by surface area and is relatively shallow with an average depth of twelve meters. Its watershed is vast, spreading an astounding 950,000 square kilometers. Many rivers feed into the lake, but 60% of water introduced to the lake comes from the Red, Winnipeg, and Saskatchewan Rivers. In recent years, urbanization and agricultural developments have been booming in the watershed of Lake Winnipeg;…...
Climate Change

Serious Consequences of Climate Change

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In early October, a group of scientists congregated by the United Nations released a report warning that by as soon as 2040, severe impacts of climate change will start to unfold if greenhouse emissions continue at the current rate. The report describes a world in which food shortages and natural disasters are common, and the occurrence of a mass die-off of coral reefs is a large possibility. The worry is that unless immediate and drastic action across the globe is…...
Climate Change

Australia Is Facing With Some Problems Like Water Supply, Water Quality, Declines In Many Of Their Species

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Pages • 5
Australia is facing dramatic declines in many of their species and some natural sources, such as water supply, are becoming scarce. This is due to climate change and new plants and animals being introduced to the area. Around 7% of the agricultural area of western Australia is being affected by a change in water quality due to deforestation. Along with diminishing water quality, about 13% of the original vegetation of the area has been removed after these clearing activities. The…...
AnimalsClimate ChangeDeforestationWater QualityWater Scarcity

The Impact of Rising Oceans on Coastal Environments

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The slow rise of ocean levels is becoming a growing economic and environmental concerns along the coastlines of the world. With the rising temperature rates, it is becoming an inevitable impact rather than a theory. With this urgency, research and new resources need to be explored and made into a priority before it's too late. It is estimated that the sea level rises 0.13 inches (3.2 millimeters) per year (NASA, 2018). That worrying rise is mostly due to two factors,…...
Climate ChangeEndangered SpeciesEnvironmental IssuesGlobal Warming

About How I Read Islam Case Study On Climate Change And How They Are Trying To Help Endangered Species In Indonesia

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Pages • 6
I decided to read the Islam case study on climate change and the first question asks about a primary source. This question was “How do the authors of the fatwa apply ancient Arabian sources to their modern Indonesian context? What does this say about Islam?” The authors of the fatwa apply the ancient Arabian sources by quoting the Qur’an (hadith which is sayings of the prophet) so that they show that Allah thought about these things and that they still…...
Climate ChangeEndangered SpeciesEnvironmental Protection

Global Issue Affected By Technology

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Today the use of technology is everywhere. everyone agrees that we are on the era of technology. However if the expansion of technology benefits to everyone, how does it helps or what is its impacts on global issues.First, the Technology helps to solve the problem of education. In the past, the lack of school infrastructure was the main cause of illiteracy. In fact, for the poor region of the world, it was so expensive to build school and to maintain…...
Climate ChangeEnvironmental IssuesWater Conservation

World Powers Must Unite to Save the Human Race

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The planet that we currently live on has been around for almost five billion years. In that time it has done a lot for its inhabitants. It’s given us natural resources and given us the ability to multiply and fill the planet. We as a race are constantly helping advance the earth’s natural decay by polluting the air around us. We also have helped in progressing global warming which is taking away other habitats for other species. We as a…...
Climate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental IssuesOcean Pollution

Use of Nuclear Power in Indonesia

Words • 2571
Pages • 11
Abstract Utilization of nuclear energy in general is an action or step that is very advanced if it can manage and develop optimally and well. Indonesia through the government has also planned to use nuclear energy as a power plant. However, on the other hand this plan has varied impacts as well. Because, when viewed from the actual quality of Indonesia can realize the use of Nuclear as a source of energy for power generation. Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) is…...
ChernobylClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

Effect of Temperature Changes in Russia

Words • 936
Pages • 4
Abstract In the past few decades, the world has experienced several instances of extreme temperature changes. Such periods, especially when the change is a significant rise, are what are referred to as Heat waves. They sometimes are accompanied by high humid conditions especially when the regions affected are characterized by an oceanic climate. Temperature measures have to be gauged in relation to the conditions which are considered normal in order to establish the presence of a heat wave (Robinson, Peter…...
ChernobylClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

Busting Climate Change with Nuclear Energy

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Pages • 5
Busting Climate Change with Nuclear Energy One of the biggest threats to humanity’s existence is climate change. Climate change is essentially the slow warming of the earth’s climate that results in significant ecological changes that can be devastating. For instance, island nations in the Pacific Ocean are being threatened with total extinction due to submersion by rising water levels caused by warming of the glaciers at the pole arctic. Climate change has been happening for millions of years and in…...
ChernobylClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

Petrina Analyzes the Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster

Words • 2165
Pages • 9
When individuals come forward with their personal experiences of pain and suffering, their bodies are turned into social and political instruments by larger, more powerful, entities: the medical authorities and the government. They are no longer individuals living in horrible situations but empirical objects to be analyzed and studied. So, as an empirical body of study, Petryna, in her book, analyzes the body as individual, social, and political. She interviews people suffering in the Zone, medical professionals, and examines the…...
ChernobylClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

Environmental Science: The Chernobyl Disaster

Words • 1484
Pages • 6
When taking a look at human history, it is quite astonishing to see the advancements that we have made in the last hundred years. We have gone from traveling from one place to another in a horse drawn wagon, to landing a man on the moon in the course of less than eighty years. We have made tremendous strides in terms of making the everyday life of the individual easier than the day before. However, this has not come without…...
ChernobylClimate Change

Climate and Sustainability of Development

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The following sample essay on "Climate and Sustainability of Development": sustainable development goals for people and the planet. What have you done recently to stop global warming? Did you know that humanity can transform the planet? “Humanity faces many threats, but none is greater than climate change. In damaging our climate, we are becoming the architects of our destruction. We have the knowledge, the tools, and the money (to solve the crisis).”-Prince Charles, U.K. Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle…...
Climate ChangeGlobal WarmingSustainability

Climate And Natural Disasters

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Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "Climate And Natural Disasters": talks about the impact of climate change on natural disasters. In January 2017, the U.S. ‘“National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that 2017 had been the warmest year on record, marking the third year in a row that this had occurred’’(Supporters Argue: Government Should Take Action to Combat Climate Change 1). In the later part of the 1800s, scientists began to notice the Earth was on the rise. As fossil fuels…...
Climate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental IssuesNatural Disasters

Why is It So Difficult to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change in the Current World?

Words • 634
Pages • 3
Why is it so difficult to mitigate the effects of climate change in the current world? Climate change refers to the change in the average weather conditions of a place over a long period of time i.e decades and millions of years. its caused by biotic processes, volcanic eruptions ,variation in the solar light received by the earth , plate tectonics and human activities. climate change and its effects in the recent world has been appoint of controversy whose focus…...
Climate Change

We Should Stop the Different Precursors of Climate Change

Words • 1535
Pages • 7
Climate Change, Pollution, and Natural Resource Depletion Climate change is an incredibly controversial topic that has divided our country. While some see it as a natural occurrence and others see it as a man made catastrophe, the fact is simple that the world climate is changing. Climate change is and will always be man made and there are very few things we can do now to stop it. Pollution is changing the world's air quality every day and is becoming…...
Climate Change

The Article on the Cameron Town in the State of Louisiana Regarding the Climate Changes

Words • 759
Pages • 4
The article is about how the small town of Cameron, Louisiana is the first place to be experiencing climate change firsthand in the United States. The port town is almost underwater, due to the rising sea levels and increased numbers of hurricanes associated with human-caused climate change. However, despite all of this, most of the town consists of climate skeptics and Trump voters, and the Trump administration generally consists of climate deniers as well. The article explores why they made…...
Climate Change

Climate Change And Its Impact

Words • 799
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "Climate Change And Its Impact ": talks about climate change and its living things. Environmental Change and its Demise influence on Us The unstoppable force of life's most grounded shortcoming, Environmental Change. Gradually bringing earth down yet she attempts to retaliate. The main thing she can depend on to support her is us. However, we are doing everything despite what might be expected. Devastating the trees, adding more synthetic substances to the ozone harming substances.…...
AnimalsClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

The Issue of Climate Change and the Use of Mitigation to Manage the Environmental Problem

Words • 379
Pages • 2
Climate Change: Issues and Strategy to mitigate Climate change is a serious global environmental issue. This is mainly due to the generation of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG). It collects greenhouse gases and contributes to warming. The global increase in carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is mainly caused by fossil fuel use and land-use change, while methane and nitrous oxide are mainly due to agriculture. Global warming is a specific example of the wider term "climate change", which means that the…...
Climate Change

The Differences Between Climate and Weather and the Effects of Climate Change

Words • 588
Pages • 3
How Climate Differs from Weather Climate differs from the weather on the aspect of time. Contrary to the atmospheric conditions of weather which usually lasts over a short period of time, the climate is the manner in which the atmosphere behaves over a prolonged period of time [ CITATION Spe11 \l 1033 ). Thus, the patterns of weather condition are short-term and hence it can be experienced on any given day. On the contrary, the average weather patterns of a…...
Climate Change

Climate Change and Americans Health

Words • 979
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "Climate Change and Americans Health": seems easy to dismiss the detrimental impact it is bound to have on the health of American citizens. Climate change doesn’t happen overnight, so it may seem easy to dismiss the detrimental impact it is bound to have on the health of American citizens, as well as the rest of the world. However, the truth is that climate change damages our health in every single aspect of our lives; from…...
Climate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

Climate Change Vs America’s Infrastructure

Words • 1763
Pages • 8
The following sample essay on "Climate Change Vs America’s Infrastructure": talks about the relationship between climate change and infrastructure in America. It is no secret that America’s infrastructure is in decline. The consistent degradation of America’s infrastructure is worsened by unprecedented weather events. On the county, state, and federal levels there are plans made by engineers to accommodate for this unprecedented gradual decline. However, how these plans are designed and what they are based on varies. Most government agencies are…...
Climate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental Issues

How Climate Change Effects Living Things?

Words • 926
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "How Climate Change Effects Living Things?": tells about affecting the natural environments of many animals around the world. Climate change is likely to be one of the greatest causes of species extinctions this century. It is affecting the natural environments of many animals around the world. Sea levels continue to rise, record-breaking humidity and temperature levels, changes in wind, precipitation, the length of seasons as well as extreme weather events like droughts and floods. Our…...
AnimalsClimate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental IssuesEnvironmental Protection

Climate Change: Is it Threatening?  

Words • 745
Pages • 3
The following sample essay on "Climate Change: Is it Threatening?  ": tells about the threat of climate change to humanity. The overuse of fossil fuels worldwide started in the 1950s and now the Earth is experiencing worldwide global warming which is endangering people and environments in all regions. Fossil fuels are being burnt every day, and most people refuse to believe that it is causing global warming, especially big oil companies. These companies plagued the consumers into believing it was…...
Climate ChangeEcologyEnvironmental IssuesGlobal Warming

The Indoor Air Guality

Words • 640
Pages • 3
Is an important subject because breathing quality air is critical for good health. Most people spend a large amount of time indoors whether at home, work or other types of buildings. These buildings can produce gases, chemicals and other pollutants that can cause many health conditions, such as headaches, eye irritations, allergies and fatigue. Indoor air quality became an environmental factor in the 1960’s after the outdoor environmental issues became a major factor causing more than 2,000,000 deaths a year…...
Air PollutionClimate ChangeEnvironmental Issues

The Global Warming Problem

Words • 1266
Pages • 6
Global warming is an increasing problem among us. According to National Geographic, temperatures on Earth are rising over twice as much as they were in 1968. Global warming is an atmospheric trend forecast by scientist as a result of global increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and several other gases. The reason temperatures are on the rise is due to majority of human action. Many scientists believe the later part of the 19th century is when human activity began influencing the…...
Alternative EnergyClimate ChangeEnvironmental Issues

The On Environmental Protection

Words • 1015
Pages • 5
The counter that always appears in debates about environmentalism is what is the economic repercussions will be from installing and depending on alternative energy sources and while that argument does hold merit as some are more expensive, there are untold facts of both sides.Wind energy is one of the fastest growing alternate sources of energy and may be the future energy source for many people in the future. It is one of the fastest growing for a reason and learning…...
Alternative EnergyClimate ChangeSustainability

Ecological Roles and Importance of Marine Mammals in Aquatic Ecosystems

Words • 1317
Pages • 6
Marine mammals play a key role in maintaining the functioning and productivity of our aquatic ecosystems, and their importance takes shape in many different ways. The polyphyletic group is diverse in size, diet, behavior, habitat range, and many other ways, making it difficult to make sweeping assumptions about the group. Our understanding of these species is far from complete due to complex deep diving patterns, exploited populations, and other anthropogenic and biological factors that serve as limitations to our knowledge.…...
AnimalsClimate ChangeEcology

Food Security Around The World

Words • 1261
Pages • 6
With the drastic increase of food demand and food insecurity throughout the world. It is believed that by 2030 the global demand for food, energy and water is expected to increase by 30 to 40 percent. This is driven by rapid urbanization, population expansion and various arable lands are converted into commercial lands and also due to the change in diet behaviors. In order to meet these extensive demands requires a much more sustainable, smarter and efficient food system while…...
Climate ChangeEcologySustainability

Misinformation About Animal Husbandry And Its Impact On Climate Change

Words • 860
Pages • 4
Within media outlets is a problem that needs to be addressed in the field of communication studies. The media does not adequately communicate and continuously misinform the public the primary causes of climate change while underestimating animal agriculture as the leading cause of global warming. The public is entitled to the truth about animal food production and its effects on climate change. They need to know the truth about how harmful animal food production is to the world as well…...
Climate ChangeEcology

3-5 Different Ways The Earth Has Been Impacted By Climate Change

Words • 963
Pages • 4
Four different ways the earth has been impacted by climate change are the rising sea levels, the decreasing amount of ice coverage in Greenland, the higher amount of hydrological natural disasters world, and the rising amount of forest fires in the U.S. From NOAA’s article, Climate Change: Global Sea Level, there is a graph that shows the change in sea level in millimeters compared to the 1993-2008 average sea level by year from 1880 to 2020. This graph shows that…...
Climate ChangeEnvironmental IssuesSolar Energy

Pop Culture Motivator For Future Generations

Words • 600
Pages • 3
Future generations using mass media to express the values of society. Pop culture is the most popular platform for young people. Many celebrities and influencers use social media to convey their personal beliefs. Social media and pop culture can have a significant impact on people’s thoughts about many issues. The impact of pop culture, celebrities, and influencers on our understanding of the environment is positive since they use their social media to express their ideas and concerns about climate change.…...
Climate ChangeEnvironmental Issues

Environmental/ Sustainability Planning Coordinator For The City of St. Cloud

Words • 912
Pages • 4
The City of St. Cloud has a growing population and is now in fourth place for the fastest growing large city in Minnesota. The city is anticipating another 3.2% increase, as population grows and environmental health declines, there is a proposal for an Environmental/ Sustainability Planning Coordinator position. This position would work with the community to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. The Environmental/ Sustainability Planning Coordinator would help develop a city wide program of environmental stewardship, energy conservation, sustainability…...
Climate ChangeEnvironmental IssuesSustainability

Environmental Problems In Germany and South Korea

Words • 549
Pages • 3
Identify critical implications for Supply chains and Logistics operations. Unlike many countries, South Korea is one of the largest companies when it comes to supply chain. South Korea also has one of the biggest automakers in the world such as Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo. Some environmental issues faced in South Korea happened to one of the automakers. Hyundai wanted to focus on fostering the environmental capabilities of suppliers by utilizing green procurement and green supplier development. These initiatives addressed climate…...
Climate ChangeEnvironmental IssuesGreenhouse gases
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About How I Read Islam Case Study On Climate Change And How They Are Trying To Help Endangered Species In Indonesia
...I decided to read the Islam case study on climate change and the first question asks about a primary source. This question was “How do the authors of the fatwa apply ancient Arabian sources to their modern Indonesian context? What does this say abo...
Why is It So Difficult to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change in the Current World?
...Finally energy is central to modern human life and this makes it challenging to mitigate climate change. Many human activities in the modern world need energy. This is because most activities are mechanized .Therefore ...
How Climate Change Effects Living Things?
...Due to the severe problems, everything on Earth is at risk. Climate change doesn’t only affect living things but it also affects many other things too. It is all happening too fast so the animals have no time to adapt to this change. “Any change ...
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