Sacred Bees

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Bees have been held sacred for thousands of years. In the ancient world, they were thought to be some sort of prophecy. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome honey was used to treat almost any ailment the human body had. It is funny to think that a swarm of bees on a house or temple used to be seen as a blessing. Now we call the exterminator to get rid of them.

Bees were the goddess of the ancient world. This is because the fact that most a hive is made up of female bees.

95% of bees are female worker bees, with one queen bee as the mother of all the others. The female worker bees have many roles in their hive. They gather pollen and honey, protect the hive, care for the young, and create honeycombs. The rest of the population is made up of males called drones. They have the sole job of mating with the queen.

How a bee pollinates is incredible.

A single bee may visit as many as 100,000 flowers in one day to collect pollen. Bees were simply made for this. Their wings move so quickly that they create static electricity causing the pollen to practically jump onto the bee. They are even fuzzy with small hairs all over their bodies that the pollen clings to. When a bee lands on a flower they start the pollination process. Their feet fall into the crease of the flower where the pollen sacs are held. The pollen sticks to the bee as it flies away.

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When the bee lands on another flower, while in search of nectar, the pollen falls off and out of the sac, causing pollination to begin.

Pesticides are sprayed every day on crops in the U.S. They were first used uncontrollably with planes flying over large fields just dumping these chemicals onto crops. This technique is still used today, yet it is highly inefficient. The conventional use of pesticides is to spray them onto crops. The crop’s leaves and stems are coated with pesticides, so then the pest feeds on it and dies. But, in 2003, a more efficient and successful way to kill pests was invented. These pesticides are called systemic pesticides. Systemic pesticide use is carried out through either feeding the pesticides into the irrigation system so that the plant takes up the water and grows strong with the pesticide as almost a part of them, or it is put on the seed itself before planting.

This is why I support a change in the way that we grow our food. If a change is not made, we will not have any food to eat at all. ⅓of the food that we consumed is produced by some sort of process of pollination. I believe that we ought to start to use agricultural practices like crop rotation and companion planting. Take the Three Sisters for example. They are made up of squash, corn, and climbing beans. Each crop benefits from the other. The corn stalks give the beans something to climb on, so no extra poles are needed. The beans give nitrogen to the soil for the other plants to absorb. Then the squash grows outwards on the ground, blocking out sunlight and keeping moisture in. The squash also helps to fight off room for weeds and its sharp hairs deter pests. This example of companion planting shows that plants are diverse enough to each have a different strength to help each other grow, without the use of pesticides.

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