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From ancient times, climatology is going on but the question is how far back in time it all started? As per the written history, it all dates back to 9600 B.C when the first-time climatology was done as per the record at least but from this at least now we know that climatology is not a new thing. In ancient times, agricultural records of fruits and vegetables were repeated every year to give the climatic records of the region.

But wait how any of this is related to climatology or meteorology? All of the things are directly related, Climatology is the study of climate and Climate is the geographical conditions happening for a particular amount of time for several years in a region whereas Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere and its changes.

The question arises why we understand or learn about climatology or meteorology.

Remember when we all were kids, our parents or relatives used to buy us those board games and before using that we always used to clearly understand what the game is all about, what are the rules and regulations of the game.

The very same thing should be done, when we are living on this planet, we should understand everything to the fullest and the climate is not any kind of exception.

We have got this human awareness and a fantastic mind, but very foolishly we neglect our nature and we never think of what wrong we are doing, what are the things that upset nature, and what makes it happy.

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This very clearly explains the fact how much we love or respect the nature people are very much fond of their phones, they put the mobile in a case, use protective covering for the screen and all sort of activities to safeguard it but very rarely do we see people doing the same for their very nature. But the changing climate and all the natural calamities happening around us show us that nature is very clearly indicating that we have gone wrong, we all have to take a moment of our lives and think about what we can do to make it better else not deteriorate it any further.

The study of climate i.e. Climatology takes more time as the statistics and data over the years are required but in Meteorology, it is much faster because it is the study of the weather which changes maybe after a minute or an hour or a day, but in any case, meteorology is faster. The people who do meteorology are known as meteorologists engage with the public for general information about the weather as we see in the daily news or maybe if a natural calamity is going to happen at a place, they issue a warning for the people.

There is no comparison between the two, meteorology has its place and climatology has its importance, it is just that meteorology tells about the immediate effect and climatology a prolonged one. But the trends we see in climatology maybe we won’t even have to see that we can feel it is alarming. Climatology and meteorology both have their own set of branches.

According to the American Meteorological Society, there are three branches of climatology which are categorized based on its ramification. The main three branches of climatology are:

  1. Descriptive climatology.
  2. Scientific climatology.
  3. Applied climatology.

In Applied Climatology, climatologists use their ability in different fields such as agriculture and manufacturing. In Scientific Climatology, climatology is done by using scientific data and equipment, and in Descriptive climatology, it is described by a graphical and verbal explanation rather than going into the theory and causes.

Further, there are also various small branches like Paleoclimatology, physical climatology, synoptic climatology, tornado climatology, regional climatology, bioclimatology, applied climatology, dynamic climatology, snow climatology Paleotempestology, and hail climatology.

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