Statement of Purpose

I know I have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about the uses, benefits, and development of Environmental Strategies and treatment technologies. However, if the tip of the iceberg holds this much promise for how people’s lives can be transformed as an outcome of their deeds, then I am eager to deepen my understanding of the high and low-technology options available for preserving the environment and its derivatives. Since childhood, I have always been enticed by nature and its belongings.

I look forward to accomplishing my postgraduate program at your esteemed university that is Northern Arizona University so that I get a leading-edge preparation in the board gambit of issues involved in safeguarding the environment. I hope to get into your program to devote my professional leanings to the protection of our planet Earth and guard its residers successfully.

As, I believe that studying at the postgraduate level would enhance my employability by increasing my research skills, specialist knowledge, and communication skills.

Moreover, I belong to the field of science and thus have sufficient knowledge about environmental concerns. As my undergraduate study thesis was primarily based on Environmental Science & Technology, I have got most of the wide and comprehensive exposure to numerous areas of interest in the understanding of the various components of the environment. Further, this educational program provided me with a thorough understanding of the major areas of concern including wastewater treatment, solid & hazardous waste management, air pollution control, and sustainable development along with others.

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During my under graduation course, I got the opportunity to visit various effluent treatment plants and got to learn about the distinct treatment technologies. Besides this, I am one of those who believe that Creativity is as important in education as literacy and thus, it must be treated with the same status. Henceforth, I like engaging myself in several co-curricular activities apart from my studies. However, sports have always been my cup of tea and so I keep participating in numerous sports competitions, especially cricket being the most preferred one. Along with this, I have actively shown interest in being part of organizing and anchoring committees and have participated in many technical writing competitions. Also, visiting and exploring new places have always been my area of interest. From an early age, I made it a thing to observe very closely the effects that the inhabitants have on each other as well as on the environment. The rise in population along with the increase in pollution has always been my concern and hence the thought of getting into this field crossed my mind, concerned notions for discovering ways to ameliorate the rising environmental trends. In my opinion, humans, animals, and nature are all interconnected and I have a desire to devote my life to exploring innovative solutions that can serve to bring harmony to all.

I have always wanted to be part of the revolution that would be acting for the betterment of humanity for the sake of protecting the endangering species from getting vanished. And my willingness prompted me to seek an opportunity to pursue my further studies in The United States of America. After getting to know about your university I found myself getting enticed towards it, as I want to work in the field of environmental science, endeavoring to save the environment and your university would act as the best medium for the same. I seek a complete enthrallment in the program of Environmental Science like yours that provides me with the skills to fight against the burning environmental issues. I am convinced that your university would assist me to prepare myself for dealing with the front lines of environmental protection. I sincerely thank you for considering my application for your university educational program. Jesal Patel

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Statement of Purpose
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