The Priority is to Keep Our Earth Clean

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Our world is inhabited by nearly 8 billion people. Some are very educated about our global problems, and some are not. Not many people make keeping our Earth clean a priority solely because they do not know how bad it is getting, or going to get. Air pollution and lack of recycling are one of the biggest problems our world is facing at the moment. The hardest thing to accept is that the problem is only growing worse. Everyday trash is thrown on the ground carelessly and nobody thinks anything of it.

The trash is not recycled, nor thrown away properly. It is just thrown there for others to pick up, but nobody goes out of their way to pick up after other people, causing the trash to pile up relentlessly.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I find it very heartbreaking to see our world being trashed. If we work together as a community, we can make our world a better place.

Cities across the world are struggling with the growth of trash in large bodies of water. The trash is affecting their drinking supplies and filling the air with certain toxins that will soon be too dangerous to inhale. The internet is full of pictures of these lakes and oceans and somehow people have not become aware of the situation. The issues are also promoted through the news and several schools have their students perform research projects about pollution and recycling. There is also a great number of animal populations affected by the lack of recycling and carless trash being tossed around.

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Some populations have benefitted from the decrease of other animals but most ecosystems are suffering due to the species’ vulnerability to the trash.

Not many people go out of their way to help others. Sometimes they do it without anyone looking, and those are the truly good people on our Earth. Other times we find people who do it for the publicity and only feel the need to help because someone is watching and they are trying to put on an act. There have been countless times when influencers and famous vloggers have tested the people of our community and gotten their reactions on camera when they found out they were being videoed. They often act out when they get caught doing the wrong thing, and it is these people that have a large negative impact on our planet. They have no desire to clean up the world and start spreading the message. Those types of people are more than likely to be the ones to not help clean up after others when they make a mistake.

Lastly, we have the people that make the mistakes. Oftentimes, people will hear some horrible type of breaking news and join the side that chooses to put an end to it. With that information, there is a small percentage of people that still are not willing to adapt their lifestyle for the better of the community. It is not the carelessness that hurts our environment alone, it is also the selfishness. Less than 2 percent of the waste stream in the United States is recycled and this is because so many people choose not to help.

Though we may choose not to see this, everyone could put in the extra effort to not only help recycle the right things but also spread the word about the future of our Earth if this abuse of our planet does not come to an end. We all need to take the extra step, and help each other to help one.

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The Priority is to Keep Our Earth Clean
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