What Will Help Us Keep the Environment Clean?

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Caltrans believed that reducing traffic and forcing people to commute was more important even though it would come at the cost of individual choices in the short term. Do you think that was the right decision?

As per my perspective, the Caltrans decision of reducing traffic and forcing people to commute was right. I believe Caltrans believe is right because reducing traffic and forcing people to commute will be great for people around us and also it will help keep the environment clean.

In addition, it helps humans as they get more fresh air with more oxygen rather than breathing toxic air that the human body breath every day. Recently, in India, the Chief Minister of Delhi applied an odd and even rule. According to this rule, only those license plates with either odd or even numbers could be on the road. The reasoning for this rule was to reduce air pollution because Delhi has a very harsh air pollution problem.

I feel that this sort of rule also helps in the reduction of traffic as well as reducing pollution in the air. Reducing traffic helps with the reduction of pollution which is beneficial for the whole city and overall nation. Everyone living in the area would be able to live more freely and have a healthier lifestyle. Commuting is a great idea because it creates a healthier lifestyle for everyone. The only negative part would be the money they would have to spend on commuting.

In what circumstances is it ok to interrupt the daily lives of citizens or impose a burden (and ‘burden’ here can be interpreted in many ways) on ordinary people to produce a positive effect for the greater good.

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Answer: It is okay to interrupt the daily lives of citizens when there is a major issue such as corruption going on in their community. A great example would be the demonetization that was imposed by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in 2016. The 500 and 1000 rupee notes were demonetized. He did this because of all the corruption going on and to clean up the system. Many terrorists created fake notes, so once this was done, they would find all of those fake notes to be useless. Terrorists that attacked a northern part of India, called Kashmir, were being funded, so this ban would stop that as well. The previous government was corrupted and did a lot of scams, including one of the agencies which were printing the fake money to provide for the terrorists. The public of India had to struggle during this time because they had to stand in front of ATMs and bank lines to get cash Because there was a limited amount of cash the government of India was printing and there was cash due to this demonetization. Although it was a struggle, this band was done for the betterment of their community and to get rid of black money that people were hiding.

In general, which do you think is the more important ethical principle? Protecting the health and well-being of the overall community your products will affect or allow all consumers and citizens to make personal choices, even if they have negative consequences? In simpler terms, if forced to choose (meaning you cannot just say you’d ideally find a balance of both) which is more important to protect: personal freedoms or ‘the greater good?

In my perspective allowing consumers and citizens to make their own choices is more important. Not every choice people make is good for them, but that should not mean that they shouldn’t get to make their own decisions and choose what they want to do. The Health and well-being of citizens is a good thing, but not letting them make their own choices may turn them to be against you. Certain things are not good for our health, such as alcoholic beverages or smoking.

However, people do this for pleasure and that is something that may keep them content in life, and we would not want to take that away from them. Another example would be the case of legalizing marijuana. It is not legal in all states, so people may be doing it illegally because that is something they enjoy. To keep citizens happy, they should be able to have the freedom to choose the things they want, without restrictions. In that way, they won’t be doing an illegal activity, and everyone will be content. Many choices have negative consequences, but that should not stop people from living their life or experiencing the many things in life that they want to.

Didion’s essay was written in 1977. Do a brief amount of research and report back on the current status of the Diamond Lane (now called the HOV lane). Was the project a success or a failure? Even if this project or projects like this end up as failures, are they still worth the risk? What payoffs are needed to take such risks?

The idea of the Diamond line ( HOV Lane ) was to reduce and separate commercial vehicles and public transportation from ordinary traffic and encourage people to share a ride or use public transportation. Many times jurisdictions often exempt other vehicles, including motorcycles, charter buses, and emergency and law enforcement vehicles. Also sometimes green vehicles are allowed to use the HOV lane. The idea here was to help people by making better traffic laws and keeping the roads smoothly going. However, this project was a failure because we live in a time where every person has their vehicle and everyone recommends traveling at their own pace and having self-freedom. The idea of Diamond Lane might have been worked in seventy’s eighty’s when people had fewer vehicles and the majority of the population was traveling by public transportation and had few cars. But it seems impossible to make this idea work today.


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What Will Help Us Keep the Environment Clean?
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