A Bibliography of Articles on Inequality and Climate Change in Samoa

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IFAD. N.D. Rural poverty in Samoa, Retrieved from http://www.ruralpovertyportal.org/country/home/tags/samoa

This article explains how about 20% of Samoans live under the national poverty line. It also explains how women will be disadvantaged in the workplace, how current youth will face issues of unemployment and explains why the people are poor. The environment is a huge contributing factor to poverty. Samoa has a narrow resource base, high exposure to extreme natural disasters such as volcanic activity and cyclones, and also the impact of climate change.

ipacific. (2010). Climate change in Samoa. Retrieved from http://www.ipacific.com/forum/index.php?topic=588.0

This article explains the effects climate change is having on the economy, environment, and equality of Samoa. The article explains how location is affecting the island and what can be done to improve the island’s current social, economic, and cultural issues.

Landsberg, Martin Hart. (2013). Does Rising Inequality Threaten Future Economic and Political Stability? Retrieved fromhttps://psmag.

com/does-rising-inequality-threaten-future -economic-and-political-stability1622feaf231#.7y4bw6670

This article discusses the average income for families and the change in income made over the past few years. It explains why inequality has gotten severe enough that it may impact the future economic and political stability and also the possible solutions and the steps that could be taken to fix inequality as well as the risks in doing so.

Nomeneta, Saili. (2016). Gender Inequality and Socio-Economic Development. Retrieved from http://www.samoaobserver.ws/en/05_04_2016/letterstotheeditor/4550/Gender-inequality-and-socio-economic development.htm

This article discusses gender inequality in Samoa.

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Samoan men reportedly view the topic of gender inequality as a “women’s problem.” This article states something needs to be done to allow women to be equal in the workplace on the pacific island of Samoa.

Tusitala, Tavita. (2008). Fale: traditional Samoan house. Retrieved from http://www.ipacific.com/forum/index.php?topic=93.0

This article discusses the housing types in Samoa. This article also talks about the destruction of these homes in 1964 due to a massive hurricane and what the government has done to repair homes and the modifications required to now build a Samoan file (home).

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A Bibliography of Articles on Inequality and Climate Change in Samoa
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