A Review of the Film Stalking Chernobyl

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I have watched’ Stalking Chernobyl ‘. It is about the underground culture of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. When i watches the film, i have obtained the chance of seeing the impacts of a nuclear accident from a broad perspective. One of the most striking things in this film is the reactions of nature after the accident. Nature has been rapidly recovering itself. As we know, the Chernobyl accident has occurred in Pripyat in Ukraine and then the city has been immediately evacuated.

That is why the film also gave us a chance to see what nature can do without people’s interventions. It is also interesting that some people who are known as stalkers illegally enter the forbidden zone (Pripyat).

The film also tries to show us which motivation leads these people to enter this dangerous area. Stalkers want to do new things, get excited, and show people how they are brave. Because the dangers of Pripyat are known by most people.

Despite the existence of illegal entrance, people can also enter the city with legal ways, which means that there is tourism. The number of tourists in the Chernobyl Zone is growing day by day. Because people want to explore its interesting atmosphere and see the effects of a nuclear accident with their own eyes. All in all, it is also clear that the film also shows us how a nuclear accident can change people’s lives. In this terrible event, thousands of people have been affected by the high level of radiation, dozens of people who work in the plant have lost their lives, and a massive city has been totally evacuated.

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Even today we cannot exactly calculate the only financial cost of the accident. That is why as human beings we should take into consideration the dangers of nuclear energy and try to turn other alternative energy sources.

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A Review of the Film Stalking Chernobyl
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