A Study of Air Pollution, Causes and Dangers to Human Health

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Air pollution is a major concern and a threat to the human kind of our generation. Air pollution is caused by the heavy emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere causing an imbalance in the same. The pollution can be enhanced by the heavy use of automobiles and industries without proper regulatory rules on how much such pollutants should emit into the atmosphere.

Air pollution can be devastating to human health as well as to other organisms. Research has shown that air pollution not only causes health hazards but can also cause death within a very short time.

The release of harmful gases like carbon monoxide to poorly ventilated places will cause death to anyone who inhales the gas. We can all remember the Nagasaki bombing that caused air pollution and which is associated with many health complications associated with the populace where the bombing took place. World health organization notes “Poor indoor air quality may pose a risk to the health of over half of the world’s population” (WHO, 2008)

Air polluted with smoke and other gases that affect visibility can be hazardous as well as pose a great danger to human life (Vinod, 2003).

When visibility is compromised, many accidents are bound to happen which will impact negatively by either causing loss of life or even causing injuries that will limit the production capacity of such individuals in the nation. This in turn will affect the country’s economy more so when a lot of finance is used to cater for damages and the health condition of the citizens.

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Air pollution has been associated with global warming which is causing unreliable weather patterns. With such unreliability, food security is being compromised and the trend is likely to lead to food shortage, more deaths, and displacement (as with the case of floods), as well as an economic downturn in areas where the weather leads to, losses and poor harvest.

In a nutshell, the effects of air pollution can be devastating and the world at large has started facing the wrath of air pollution. Destruction of world life, our lifestyle, and economic burden are all effects of air pollution.

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A Study of Air Pollution, Causes and Dangers to Human Health
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