Aborigines and the Use of Natural Resources

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Aboriginal people were the firsts people inhabitant North America. They are three groups of Aboriginal people who are the Metis, Inuit, and the First National. When the Aboriginal people had contact with Europeans, they have a significant impact on their life such as land, culture and equality of life. First, the land is essential to aboriginal livelihood, but also, they have a spiritual connection with the natural surroundings.

The First Nation was able to satisfice their needs with natural resources.

For example, one of their resources was haunting bison. The first nation owner of their land, but when Europeans arrives in North America. The Crown agreed with aboriginal people the indigene's rights. This agreement called the Indian Act, which the aboriginal people give to the Crown control over their land in changes like medication. However, The Crown did not respect their agreement. The Crown took their land away from their land and did not fallow the agreement.

They were sent to a reservation for only aboriginal people.

This reserve did not have enough resources for them and start to lose their lives. Nowadays some of this reservation does not have adequate homes which are not built for the environment where their life or they are having inadequate water infrastructure. To sum up, the way aboriginal people before that European stole their land and they had a devastates impact on Aboriginal people\'s lives. Next, there is not only one culture; every group of aboriginals has its own culture.

Their cultural practice, belief and traditions are always related to the spiritual world and natural elements.

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However, they suffer a cultural genocide, meaning tried to kill their culture. European tried to civilians and converted them to Christianity according to their beliefs. In addition to that, one way they tried was to take all First Nation children away from their family and send them to residential school. The focus of this school it was these children stop practice their own culture, tradition and became similar to Europeans. In this school, aboriginals were not providing to practices their tradition.

These schools ended up being a horrible place where the children suffer sexual abuse, discrimination and neglect. On the one hand, the survivor of this atrocity they still practice their culture, and in 2008, the Canadian government apologized for these events. In conclusion, aboriginal people have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of the culture.

Finally, aboriginal still faces challenges overthought what happens with the European was practically a long time ago, and the government is helping, but they still struggle for equality life. Aboriginal people continue to experience disadvantages such as education, employment, economic well-begging and house. In conclusion, Aboriginal people had faced many problems. The Native people lose their land, which represents them. Europeans imposed on them their system and try to eliminate their culture and Aboriginals still struggle for their rights, which is the basic that every human need.\n �

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Aborigines and the Use of Natural Resources
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