Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies

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North Americans have been smelting ore and burning fossil fuels for generations. In the past, the gases went up ordinary chimneys or small smoke stacks, to descend upon near by areas and pollute them, states author, Robert Collins. Almost everyone knows what acid rain is and has a vague idea of the consequences that exist as a cause of it. Most people however do not realize the severity of acid rain.

The essay Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies by Robert Collins was very effective in showing the true severity of acid rain. By using excellent developmental devices, Robert Collins was able to write an effective essay that is appealing to todays society, as well as informative especially for todays constantly changing world.

Firstly, the developmental devices used in the essay are vital to its effectiveness. Without them, the author would not have been able to supply sufficient proof to his findings and convince the reader of the true severity of acid rain. Collins used noteworthy facts throughout the essay to prove is point about how severe acid rain truly is. The facts that he used added substance

to the essay by validating his point of view. In the same way, the author used effective illustrations and examples to prove his point. These examples and illustrations simplified the readers understanding as to how severe acid rain is and how we can try to prevent it. For instance, one great illustration adopted in the essay reports, Lumsden Lake, on the north shore of Ontarios Georgian Bay, twinkles like a sapphire in a setting verdant forest and sparkling quartz.

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Blue, incredibly clear, and seemingly pure, just twenty years ago it abounded in fish. But now, this exquisite lake is dead, its fish wiped out. Moreover, another developmental device used in the essay Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies was comparison and contrast to show the difference between the amount of polluting oxides that Canada puts into the air each year compared to the

amount that the United States lets into the air. In fact, the essay claims that, Each year the eastern United States belched forty-eight million metric tons of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides; Canada emits seven million tons. This device helps to show the readers the vast differences between the two countries as well as deepen their understanding of the amount of pollution that is let into the air each year. The developmental devices that were used in the essay

contributed to the effectiveness of the essay by simplifying, clarifying and providing proof to the ideas and reasoning of Robert Collins.

Secondly, essays written about important subjects like acid rain which effect society everyday have consist of a great deal of personal appeal for readers. Essays that appeal to a large amount of readers are effective because they are relevant to many different types of people. Acid rain doesnt effect only one group of people and that is why the subject of acid rain is effective.

Farmers, livestock breeders or anyone else who is constantly working with the land would be interested in this essay because acid rain is a very significant subject for them. If the effects of acid rain worsen, their jobs and lives could change considerably. Furthermore, scientists and biologists who are trying to find ways of preventing acid rain would find this essay appealing. The essay

gives many ideas as to the ways of preventing the emission of sulphur dioxide into the air. Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies deals with a subject that is relevant to scientists and might be able to help them further their research. Correspondingly, people who are researching the topic of acid rain for school, work or just for curiosity would find this essay appealing because it answers a lot of the possible questions that they might have. For example, if someone wanted to know how acid rain is measured on the PH scale, they would be able to read about it in the essay and find their answer. Numerous amounts of readers from almost any background would be able to relate to the subject of acid rain. Since it appeals to many different people, it attracts numerous readers making it a popular essay to read.

Lastly, Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies was an effective essay because it was very informative and taught the reader a great deal. The essay went into great detail about the causes and effects of acid rain, some of which may be new to readers. In particular, the author Robert Collins states, all shrimp-like organisms, essential diet for certain fish disappear. Frogs and

aquatic insects may be dying off too. This quote informs the reader as to the severity that acid rain is having over wildlife and aquatic creatures. In addition, Robert Collins has great insight as to the ways of removing and/or stopping the pollution that is emitted into the air from large refineries or factories. In fact, the essay claims that of several techniques to remove pollution during industrial coal combustion, perhaps the most effective is scrubbing, in which gases are washed in a desulphurizing bath before going into the atmosphere. This is informative because it shows that there is a way control acid rain. Similarly, the essay stated many different ways in which everyday people could help control the amount of pollution that is discharged into the air. A solution like carpooling so that the amount of pollutants that are emitted into the air are lowered is just one of the many ways discussed in the essay for society to lower the pollution in the air. The informative way in which Robert Collins presented his ideas added to the effectiveness of the essay.

In conclusion, Acid Rain: Scourge from the Skies was effective in proving how severe acid rain is and can be. Robert Collins wrote informatively about a notable subject what anyone can comprehend and he used many commendable writing devices which all added to the effectiveness of the essay


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