Air And A Mixture Of Oxygen And Other Gases

You ever thought about anything that I am about to say well, here it goes. Every day as human beings we use our respiratory system to live. Air and a mix of oxygen and other gasses is inhaled during our life’s and what we breathe in through our nose and mouth could be harmful towards our respiratory system in the future. As cities in developing countries industrialize they have grown quickly in sizes like for example United States of America, this has a big impact that comes accompanied by growing air pollution from vehicular traffic, industry, domestic warming.

Air pollution can be described as contaminate of the atmosphere that disturbs the natural composition of the air. On average, pollution kills 1.7 million people yearly, a majority coming from developing country such as Mexico. We will look at various examples and statistics on how humans’ action or ethics effect their and everyone else’s environment.

The major concern is associated with polluted air and the destructive health and how its effects and how it contributes to cardiac diseases, respiratory infections, lung cancer.

The most deaths caused by air pollution happen as a result of ischemic heart disease and stroke. The results of a study suggest that there is a correlation between the increased number of cardiovascular disease result deaths and the increasing levels of pollution in recent years, whether it is developed or developing countries. In the article towards integrated segments of environmental changes air pollution health effect in the USA the research also shows that in urban areas people suffer more from hypersecretion and have lower levels of lung function which means the lungs are dying over the type with all the contaminated air in those both countries.

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The studies also detected the relation between the air pollution and cancer. In United States of America is pollution is not a big deal as you think it is. first of all, studies showed that the car that we use here don’t really contaminated the air because they have to have their smog checks approved and run by the DMV to make sure the car is not contaminating the atmosphere that we live in. In the other hand Mexico as in the developing country is more contaminated with the smoke of the cars which studies showed that Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world with a population close to twenty million people. The majority of the population is exposed daily to fumes produced by 3.6 million vehicles . This of course, means that many roads throughout Mexico City are highly congested. Mexico City is one of the largest, most populated and polluted cities in the world. It has 20 million inhabitants and supports 25% of the industrial activities in the country which makes the country to have the air more polluted because they do not know how to control all the bad air that is coming out from those industrial factories.

Main pollutants are those released immediately into the air. In Mexico City some of these main pollutants are carbon monoxide, Sulphur oxides, gas compounds and particulate concern (urban Pollution at Mexico City). The particular pollutant in the air may respond with another particular pollutant or atmospheric substance to create the lower pollutant, e.g., when gas oxides move with oxygen in higher temperatures to form ground level ozone. In addition to this, many vehicle owners fill up their vehicles with poor quality fuel. These vehicle fumes coupled with other air pollution sources are responsible for many residents suffering from severe respiratory health problems.

Particulate matter can change the stomach’s microbiota. Through the mucociliary clearance, larger particulate matters entering the lungs are then transported by moving mucus as well as foreign matters into the stomach area.Many of the particles being the body inhales then enters the intestine where the pollutants will change the gut microbiome. Due to the lack of knowledge on how air pollution affects the stomach’s microbiota, scientists used a human gastrointestinal simulator that created gut microbes to which changed foreign pollutants such as, arsenic from the dirt into several different toxins. This can increase the likelihood of illnesses in the stomach. Studies that have been conducted on laboratory rats have shown that the quantities of Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, microbes also in the human gut, lower through the ingestion of particulate matter. (Salim et al., 2013) In addition, the correlation between the reduction of these microbial values as well as differences in levels of short chain fatty acid production have had a higher production of is butyrate and isovalerate.

Is butyrate and isovalerate, pollution in the Air Hurts the Bowels Everywhere and there are two of five volatile fatty acids often found in the common human stool. Since the link between bowel diseases and air pollution has not been a thoroughly researched subject, other scientists have begun conducted research on this topic as well. The study also found that the prevalence of the disease is a major factor in the development of the health and safety of the environment, this is because the study of the effect of the disease on the body’s health is very important.

Another factor about air pollution is that when you are breathing all those bad mechanical’s in the air could give you a lot of diseases that could kill you over the time without you noticing what’s really happing, those dieses could be such as cardiac diseases, respiratory infection, lung cancer and more. More than 5.5 million people die annually due to both outdoor and household air pollution, making it one of the leading global risk factors for disease. Having a little baby close to smoke in the house such as tobacco or any other type of smoke such as vaping is really bad that could lead the baby to have asthma. In Mexico pollution isn’t something they really care about they could be driving a bus that exposing a lot of smoke and wouldn’t care, even knowing that they are killing each other with the smoke over the time.

Last factor that is going to make an impact to these two countries is a way to learn how to stop contaminating their countries with all the smoke, all the forest getting burn down, all the factoring processing bad smoke when they are making their products. Some way that we could contribute to stop the bad pollution are Use energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Participate in your local utility’s energy conservation programs. Limit driving by carpooling, using public transportation, biking and walking. Combine errands for fewer trips. Keep your automobile well-tuned and maintained. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on routine maintenance, such as changing the oil and filters, and checking tire pressure and wheel alignment. All this thing could make the world much better if everyone followed those little steps. Using energy is one of those big factors too save energy because he is taking everything for granted there is people that don’t even have energy and live just fine.

Air plays a big role in our life’s because without air we wouldn’t be alive, if we did not have air there wouldn’t be gravity at all because the gravity comes from the sky, the sky bring air. Wildfires are destroying our air pollution gains because now that the car are way cleaner meaning, they aren’t burning any gasses. Pollution has turn into a major issue over these years because it contaminates the world’s situation and impacts human well-being. While some environmental pollution is the consequence of physical movements, e.g., volcanic eruptions, most is caused by human actions. This amount of different types of pollution has made human pollutant more prevalent among these people, raising the probability of having cancer. After being exposed to theses pollutants, these results may remain prompt or delayed. The forest getting on fired is a big fact for contaminated pollution because all the smoke that comes out from that fires stays in the hour for hours we aren’t talking about minutes here but hours for example yesterday there was a fired in California not that far from San Jose, the whole day was contaminated with bad air, a lot of sports were canceled because of the air quality, school got shut down, people starts wearing face masks just because of the big fired that happen.

You could prevent this type of scenarios by not dropping any type of glass in dry grass, don’t leave any flammable object in the grass areas that you know will cause a fire. In conclusion what we have to think about the most is that the most deaths caused by air pollution happen as a result of ischemic heart disease and stroke because we aren’t careful to take care of our self when the air is more contaminated then others days, just keep in mind that there are more factor about air pollution like when you are breathing all those bad mechanical’s in the air could give you a lot of diseases that could kill you over the time without you noticing what’s really happing. Just maintain a routine to keep your metabolisms healthy, get checked by the doctor’s time to time to make sure everything is great.

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Air And A Mixture Of Oxygen And Other Gases
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