Air Pollution and the High Statistics of Deaths

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I would like to remind you of the large amounts of the death that's only affect regular adults who are healthy in daily bases. The main reason for this is air pollution. Instead of spending all of our money on medicine, why don't we try to prevent or decrease the air polluting related diseases by just switching machines that work with toxic fuel that produces smoke that flows through the air to water or electricity?

Dumping ships' fuel in harbors pollutes the drinking water; I know that filtering is the first thing comes to mind, but it doesn't take all polluting chemicals away.

This serious issue doesn't only concern humans, but all creatures. In the other hand we have global warming. Air pollution makes the ozone hole bigger, which leads to ultra violet ray come from the sun. The whole world has %50 of carbon monoxide in the air we daily breathe that only results from transportation. Here in the United States, the northeast has more oil-burning regions than anywhere else.

%80 of Los Angeles teens died from lung damages for no medical reasons, which makes almost 100 of Los Angeles teens' population. About 10,800 of unborn children are dead for the reason of air pollution existence.

Children are the most victims of air pollution and global warming. Spending the afternoon playing outside, and the afternoon period is the time when the ozone whole lets ultra violet ray pass into earth, it is an easy causes of skin cancer. The children respiratory tracts are narrower than adults' and that makes them struggle of chest pain and wheezing more than adults.

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The saying of "What goes up must come down" makes from evaporating the chemicals where industries are located rain chemicals a fact. For instance St. Louis, it rains acid.

Modern studies have shown that solar energy is a great source of power that operates all of your factory machines. The problem is that it's not cheap because it's parts cost a lot. When you see what you are getting, you'd forget the price; saving your huge amounts of money you spend on fuel bills.

There are few people who stand against stopping the business they run that produce these toxics. Such as industry owners, they don't care much about others because they get good profits. Laborers just want to feed their families, consider them as followers, if you give them the opportunity to work for good money they would take it. The government is certainly responsible for air pollution because it owns most of the public factories that carry up the economic. Car drivers will not buy fuel, if the gas stations stopped from selling fuel and that makes it easier for the government to take control of this situation, definitely after providing the exchange of fuel type. Thank you for giving me the chance to make my voice be heard.


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Air Pollution and the High Statistics of Deaths
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