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Delhi has been languishing over years with its air quality. It is everyday news to us about people dying due to the atmospheric conditions there. I am an asthmatic patient since birth and living in Mumbai was truly hard until I hit my teens and from that point onward, I was sent to a residential school away from the city and the pollution there. Since then my immunity has increased a lot and I don\'t find any trouble whenever I go back to Mumbai.

I stayed in Delhi for a week back in 2016 and this is the time when I was healthy again. An hour into Delhi my condition started to worsen. Breathing was actually difficult there for me and it was my Asthma. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and it keeps getting worse. 2.5 million People die every year due to the pollution there. When I actually research a little about this a year ago I was really concerned with what is going happen after a few years and what I had experienced wasn\'t really awful.

Investigating this subject in my Extended Essay will give me a ton of understanding into what\'s going on there, for what reason is it occurring there and what would we be able to do to stop it or if nothing else evade it from deteriorating. Me as a humanitarian it harms me to see that this much harm is occurring in the capital of my nation.

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Consequently, I chose to concentrate on what our government has done to decrease the harm done there and how effective were they.

Delhi is also very populated, which means more cars spreading dust and exhaust into the air. As the city grows, there are also constructions producing dust particles in the air and more industries contaminating the environment. Every year Delhi experiences a huge spike in the air pollution during the months of October and November. It sends the air pollution levels 20 times beyond what is considered safe. 14,800 people passed away prematurely in Delhi in 2016 because of fine particulate. People’s health is a major concern there because it is marked as hazardous to live there. These places are definitely harmful for pregnant women and all the children under the age of 14 as there are very vulnerable. Staying in these high polluted regions accelerates aging of the lungs and it develops diseases like asthma, bronchitis and possible cancer. The image above is an article that was published by the Economic Times in 2016. People living in Delhi will have their life expectancy dropping by 6.4 years and that is concerning to the future of the country.

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