Alternative Energy in Saudi Arabia

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The introduction of diverse energy sources, including many renewable energy options, is becoming more intense and common. It is driven by multiple environmental, energy, and economic considerations. As for Saudi Arabia, the country has a goal which is producing nearly half of its energy for renewable fuels by 2020 in order to satisfy its domestic energy needs and to free up oil and gas for exporting to the world. The fast-growing population puts increasing pressure on the country’s nonrenewable hydrocarbon resources.

It was necessary that there has to be a balanced energy mix of alternative and conventional energy. Strategically, this step is important for Saudi Arabia’s prosperity, energy security, and its leading position in the global energy market on the long-term.

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy was established in April 2010 with a fundamental objective of building a sustainable future for Saudi Arabia by developing and supporting a substantial alternative energy capacity by world-class local industries.

KACARE will ensure the highest standards of transparency, security, and safety, and will implement every possible measurements to protect all stakeholders. In carrying out its objectives, leading the way in renewable innovations, and contribute to its role toward the national economic development, KACARE will create more job opportunities for Saudi nationals and enhance their skills and experiences.

The KACARE organization consist of people from government, semi-government organizations, and the private sector. Basically, the HR department is involved in running the organization. The HR department is building all KACARE processes, policies, and procedures.

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One of the most challenging tasks facing HR Recruitment Department is to recruit 300 more employees by 2015. But the failure to design a business strategy that prioritizes the organization’s target energy sources, geographic locations, production levels, and markets will prevent HR from recruiting the appropriate staff and from achieving the organization’s production targets and overall business objectives. Also, the lack of integration between Human Resource Management and Strategic Business Planning processes is also acknowledged as another major source of implementation failure.

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy is a Saudi scientific organization. KACARE provides applied researches in order to serve a sustainable energy development and provide recommendations regarding renewable energy and atomic energy on the national scale. It plays an important role in introducing peaceful nuclear energy technologies in Saudi Arabia. Due to the world’s unstable economy and energy environments, the organization requires maximum flexibility in order to work on high intensive levels and compete. One internal issue for KACARE leaders was to establish HR department and after that building the whole organization of KACARE by HR department. Another issue was the failure of designing a business strategy for the organization and the lack of integration between business strategy and Human Resource Management. KACARE is also planning to create more job opportunities for Saudi Nationals and provide them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and trainings in order to enable them to lead the organization in achieving its objectives.

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