An Argument in Favor of the Endangered Species Act

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 I feel that the Endangered Species act is very fair to humans. If we could live a long time ago when you had walk to get to someone’s house and when they had no TV’s and computers, then we don’t need all the things that we have now in our time. Even though we have more people we can still live without all the malls and all the fast food restaurants that we have now.

Just think that if we took even ass little amount as 10% of the malls and 10% of the fast food restaurants away from the world there would be a lot more space on our planet than we have now. Should all rare animals be bred in captivity? This is a very good question. I feel that we should do all that we can with all the power that we have to be able to save as many Endangered Species as we can. If a species is not breeding on its own in captivity then that is one reason that we should bred these rare animals in captivity because animals are very interesting and educational and they play a major role in the environment of our whole planet.

Our dependence on the plants and animals on Earth is one of the major points of the effect on the population of the plants and animals on this planet. If we use plants faster than they can grow we will eventually not have any left to use.

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Some roots of plants that are being used for medical reasons do not spread their seeds to produce new plants every year because the roots are used before the seed fall from the buds or flowers and the roots are not there to reproduce in the next season.

The only reason that people should wear fur or leather is if that species of in abundance in the world and we can afford to loose a few hundred animals. If the animals that we take fur or leather from, are one of the Endangered Species, then if you have to wear it for a certain reason then wear fake leather or fur. To me it looks the same no matter if it is fake or real, you really can’t tell the difference. The collecting of wildflowers should be controlled. In some state you can not take any wildflowers it is against the law you can be fined up to one thousand dollars depending on how much of what kind of species you take. The collection of animals should be controlled too. This can be done by having hunting seasons, like with deer and moose. Also the number of animals that each hunter is allowed to take, also like in deer hunting. I think that if we had national taxes for endangered or threatened species then we wouldn’t have such an impact on the amount that we would have to pay because the whole United States would have to pay this tax. Overall there are many ways that we can preserve the endangered and threatened species that we have in the world today. Some of these ways would be to pay taxes to help the sanctuaries that many people put these rare animals in or to control the population of the animals and plants or to bred them in captivity and then release them in the wild and monitor their breeding.

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An Argument in Favor of the Endangered Species Act
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