An Overview of the Methods for Cleaning the Ocean Pollution

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Many years ago nobody would have thoought that the ocean would ever need saving. The covers over 90% of the earth’s surface. People would wonder how something so collosal ever be effected by their actions. Unfortunately, the oceans do suffer from mankind’s carelss, selfish acts. There are numerous ways to begin to clean up the oceans. These solutions range from individual action to government action. The individual can begin to help stop the leaking and dumping of harmful pollutants into the ocean.

Some suggestions for individuals on how to take action from the Natural Resources Defense Council are: use biodegradable detergents and shampoos, avoid using and disposing of plastics and styrofoam, do not pour hazardous chemicals down the drain, and recycle old motor oil (NRDC). The NRDC also suggests that consumers boycott persistant polluters, join organizations that support action to clean up the oceans (NDRC).

One of the best ways to get involved in the clean up and preservation of the ocean is to become educated on the subject, get involved, and push for government action.

Individuals can become involved by helping to organize activities that involve focusing on the marine environment. Some of these activites might be: beach seeps, eco-regattas, youth projects, exhibits, concerts, research, and conferences (Oceans Day). The EPA suggests that the individual can take care of the oceans by being responsible, and getting involved. Each person can keep themselves informed of current issues, use and dispose of products properly, and use the right to vote to get legislation passed (EPA).

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The Natural Resource Defense Council has a few ways in which to help clean the oceans and prevent any further pollution. Action to control factory disharge, improve sewge treatment, revise pllutant limits, end sludge dumping, resrtict offshore drilling, and create ocean sanctuaries are just some of the suggestions made by the NRDC (NRDC). Not any one plan will save the ocean. The problems has to be attacked at all angles, and all levels. The government must take action, the companies must take action, and the individual must take action. It is the responsibility of every person on earth to take care of the earth and its resources for the future generations to come.

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An Overview of the Methods for Cleaning the Ocean Pollution
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