An Analysis of the Impact of Seasons on Human Life

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Some people drink hot cocoa during snow days to warm up. Others eat ice cream at aFourth of July beach party. Both summer and winter are commonly compared to extremeopposites such as hot and cold, yet they still share some similarities. There are people who enjoyboth seasons equally, while others move down to Florida for the Christmas season. Regardless,while the bigger differences are usually seen in people's clothing and the illnesses that occur dueto the temperatures, a common ground between seasons is usually found among sports andphysical activities.

Both summer and winter bring about some extreme weather, and this weather canseriously impact human life. Usually in the summer, some areas experience severe thunderstormsor even tornados. Countless people are affected by the heat and the conditions that follow. Justbeing outside in the direct sunlight without protection for too long can bring about ailments suchas the oh-so-bothersome sunburn, heat stroke or even skin cancer. One article noted that "skincancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in most of the countries and more than 90% of cancercases are related to ultra violet rays of the sun.

” (Davati, Pirasteh, Yahyaei, Shakouri, 2013).There are many people who fall ill due to the summer's extreme sunshine and heat, but there areprobably just as many who feel the effects of winter's deep freezing temperatures. A certainpassage from an article based on the pros and cons of winter in Running & FitNews illustrateshow the icy cold temperatures can affect a human body without protection.

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The author wrote,"When we encounter cold air or water, the network of blood vessels in the skin constricts, andblood is hastily sent to the interior. That response adds to the insulating power of the skinbecause there's less heat lost from blood circulating near the surface. It also protects vital organsagainst the falling temperature. But this rerouting of blood makes fingers, toes, and other peripheral parts of the body like the nose and ears vulnerable to frostbite, which occurs when thefluids in tissue freeze.” (2011).

Clearly, there are numerous health risks involved in enjoying thewinter snow or the summer sun.No amount of precipitation from any of the seasons can prevent men and women all overthe world from playing sports and enjoying physical activities. Events such as the Olympics andthe Superbowl are examples of how valuable and entertaining these games can be. Even as farback as far as the gladiator fights in Rome. There was a study once done that compared amountsof physical activity, or PA, in each of the different seasons. This study stated that “women livingin the southeastern United States had lower PA levels in winter compared with summer andspring/ fall.” (Buchowski, Choi, Majchrzak, Acra, Matthews, Chen, 2009). Although this showsthat the winter weather does affect some regarding the frequency of physical activity, billions ofpeople of all ages still enjoy playing sports throughout the entire year. An article in Running &FitNews gave examples of some of the activities that can be enjoyed even during the winter. "Ifyou're familiar with kite surfing, the summer cousin of snow kiting, you'll understand the idea ofthis sport right away” (2011). The same article goes on to explain the process of snow kiting, andanother version of it called speed riding. "A more extreme version of snow kiting, speed ridinginvokes a combination of parachuting, paragliding, and skiing to even further blur the boundarybetween snow and sky.” (2011). While there are many more sports like skiing and ice skatingthat have been created for snowy days, there are probably just as many for sunny days in thesummer. Outdoor summer sports are usually played on grassy fields or sandy beaches. Some ofthe games invented such as volleyball can be played on the beach, and afterwards people canjump in the water to cool off and swim. Soccer, golf, football, and baseball are more examples ofthe activities that the summer weather allows. Neither summer nor winter can stop people from playing games and participating in friendly competitive sports. As the author of the article inRunning & FitNews (2011) said, “lovers of the great outdoors will never cease thinking up newways to propel themselves in every direction, in every weather condition—and so be it!”.People all over the world should maintain exterior protection against various climaterelated conditions so that they can enjoy these outdoor activities.

Depending on the season, menand women everywhere choose appropriate clothing that serve as functional and comfortable.Stargazers are one group of people who should know the importance of dressing for the seasons,especially during the cold winter nights. One article in Sky & Telescope had explained some ofthe ways that people can accommodate themselves to the cold. “He states that thickness isimportant in insulating the body from cold, all jackets that are one-inched thick are roughly thesame, may it be a wool, polyester, or down. He mentions that rushing out and buying a largequantity of cold-weather clothing is not the solution, sometimes layering clothes which arealready available to stay warm is the right thing to do.” (Flanders, 2013). Thankfully, it might notbe too expensive to bundle up and venture out in the cold to experience some wonderful things.There are snow related clothing options such as boots and coats, along with hats, gloves, scarves,facemasks, legwarmers and even full body insulators that can be obtained in order to protectpeople from the cold winter weather. While the winter causes people to cover up, the summerheat causes many to strip down as much as possible, while still being appropriate. Actually, thelevel of decency of modern bathing suits and summer outfits are a matter of opinion. Regardless,clothing has been modified to accommodate the heat of summer, letting people be cool andcomfortable. Dresses, skirts, shorts, and tee-shirts are all examples of some of the clothingoptions for a hot summer day. Even modified shoes such as flip-flops are very popular during the warmer days. Clothing designers have made it easier for people to enjoy all the seasons and theweather that comes with them.Although it may seem that the two opposite seasons of summer and winter would havemany differences, there are many similarities between them as well.

Obviously they are bothseasons, but both have their own usual set of weather conditions. Winter is commonly known forsnow and cold, while summer is usually very hot and sunny. Also, winter and summer bothaffect the human body in different ways. However, while the seasons are different in manycategories, it is proven whenever you go outside that life does not stop because of the hot or thecold.

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An Analysis of the Impact of Seasons on Human Life
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