An Analysis of the Problem of Deforestation

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Every minute fifty acres of rain forest are destroyed and some twenty five species become extinct, many befor we are even able to study them. Rare plants and flowers that could provide possible cures for Cancer , Aids and other deadly diseases are lost forever Thousands of animals and birds are being killed to make way for vast cattle ranches ,buildings and supper highways that are destructive to the environment. Millions of acres of forest are being cut down with catastrophic results.

The national space research institute in Brazil reported that satellite images reveal the countrys Amazon rain forest continues to be raveged at an alarming rate .While deforestation has declined since its peak year of 1995, slash and burn farming techniques and logging still cleared an area of 12,660 square killometers during 1997. Some inviromentalists say the 20% drop during the past two years is due to heavy rains that got in the way of burning and logging The government attributes the decline to their enviromental policies and says that further protection is being hampered by legal complications (which I think is a load of bull), Various programs and organization are in place to try to preserve and or save the rain forests of the world all together.

Organizeations such as green peace , heal the world and operation rain save are using all types of methods to do what ever they can to save the rain forests and the species within.One such method is to raise enough money to buy a scertian amount of land ,when they have purchesd this land they can then be assured that this land and all that resides within are no longer in danger of being destroyed.

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Another such method is to locate an indangerd species with in a area and then have the government declare thet area as a wild life or endangerd species reserve.

The fact that our rain forests are disapearing at such a rapid rate could ultamitly affect the outcome of the human race ,or the outcom of life on this planet as we knowit.Deforestation affects biological diversity in three ways ,The destruction of natural habitat it forces species out of there native areas and causes them to die. Isolation and or fragmentation restricts their range ,exposeing them to animals that might hunt them to forgien dieseas and also to extreme tempatures that they might not have encounterd under the protective canopy of the forest.Deforestation also contributes to global warming and the depleation of the Ozone layre for the rain forests make up about 40 percent of the worlds breathable air and with every square kilometer we cut we also cut our suply and may I remind you that no air means no life period. Deforestation is happening in every forest in the world weather it be a tropical rain forest or a simple colony of pine trees, but it mainly takes place in the central rain forests of the world these forests are located in South America with in Brazil they are located in central Africa and they are also located on the Asian islands of Bali and Java of the coast of That.

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An Analysis of the Problem of Deforestation
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