Animal Farm

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Old Major and Lenin have a tone of similarities despite their differences. Frist, Old Major, the aging pig is the speaker in an animal farm, and his speech is thrilling as he uses it to influence all the animals to action. he uses rhetorical questions to appeal to the other animals when he says: “You cows that I see before me, how many thousands of gallons of milk have you given during this last year?” (Leon and Rarr 4) In his speech, he convinces the other animals that man is their enemy because he does everything to endanger the animals; thus they must rebel against him.

Similarly, Lenin influences the workers and the peasants to rebel against the landowners and the capitalist who continuously intimidate them and deceive them. Besides, Lenin’s speech is also highly effective and appealing because of his ability to use rhetorical strategies like appeal and rhetorical questions among others. Both speakers establish their credibility before starting their speech.

For instance, Old Major establishes his credibility with the audience by passing on his knowledge and wisdom to the others animals stating that his days on earth were limited. He further reinforced his credentials by inferring his vast experience. For this reason, he was able to mobilize the animals to focus on a common goal which was to rebel against man, thus creating a revolution.

Similarly, Lenin started a coup for the Russians when he formed a party to overthrow the provisional government. Besides, Old Major and Lenin’s speeches are similar in that they depict leadership skills.

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Both of them were very influential following their leadership skills, which included useful communication skills, creativity, positivity, popularity, and motivation. Both of them spoke about being mistreated and revolution in their speeches, thus leading the people and the animals towards a new era. The only difference between the two speeches is that Old Major’s speech is more personal since he refers the animals as comrades. For example, in his opening speech, he says, “Comrades, you have heard…” (Leon and Rarr).

On the contrary, Lenin’s speech is less personal because he is leading the labor workers and the peasant, yet he is not one of them. For instance, he says, ‘But this sort of talk by the landowners and capitalists will not confuse, intimidate, or deceive the workers and peasants” (Lenin and Lenin). He refers to them as if he is not one of them.

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