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Survival/Introduction Knowledge of surroundings and weather can be crucial to animal survival. Scientist have found ways to track birds and discover pollutants at the same time. Sea birds contain high amounts of mercury due to the fish which are eaten by the birds.(R.W. Furness) They often would track the bird over long periods of time and do it at high intervals.It can indeed be very hard to track a single bird for they can be killed very easily and have many predators.

To solve that problem, scientists decided to track a large group of birds at the same time so that they would have a better chance at understanding the birds actions and reactions. (R.W. Furness) Common Pollutants The research led to the discovery of many different pollutants such as mercury and other water pollutants. The study has also been conducted with land animals such as rodents or animals that eat large amounts in a large area.

With this in mind, we can locate exactly where pollutants are growing or shrinking. The animals often show more, than what is thought to be shown and pollutants can be hard to track. When animals come into contact with foods that cause them harm, they often change areas or food habits. This allows scientists to find certain areas of high pollutants. Mercury and heavy metals are easier to find due to easy trackability. Some animals will show signs of sickness when in contact with certain pollutants. Such pollutants can include trash that is eaten and fails to be digested or even unclean drinking water, or runoff water.

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Food Fluctuation Seabirds are often highly affected by food changes. This means that they can, if observed closely, have the ability to show food amounts in a certain area.

Fishermen use this to their advantages; they often find areas with large amounts of seabirds and begin fishing in that place. Breeding instincts,of the sea birds can be severely affected by the lack of food . Most animals won’t breed when food is not in higher availability. This means that when food is lost animals can drop severely in population. When population numbers lower, finding a mate can be that much harder. This why it’s important that we keep pollutants low. Why not start now you can help by doing simple things such as recycling. These things can change the way animals survive and how long they have to survive. Eating Habits Many birds often change their eating habits and abilities depending on the seasons as well. This is often confused with “evolution” but instead is actually a form of adaptation. This has been seen in many animals. Birds are one of the better examples that are currently known, further research is needed. An amazing example is birds that dive for fish. They will often dive deeper when temperature drops and water gets colder. While during the summer or when water is warm they will only dive a few feet or inches. This means that even the fish know the weather.

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