Animals Will Forever Be Our Best Friend

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The relationships that people have with animals has been constantly changing throughout time. They started off as mere working animals for man: cats being used for killing rodents and protecting grain, dogs being used for hunting, and so on. As the years went on, people began developing connections with their animals, even allowing them into their homes in exchange for their services and companionship. And now, in this day and age, it’s rare to see a home without a pet! From rabbits to teacup pigs, mankind has seemingly domesticated just about every animal to keep as their forever friend.

It says a lot about how far we’ve come as a society when I can walk down the street and see a woman pushing a little chihuahua around in a baby stroller–something I’m also admittedly guilty of. This is all with good reason! Animals are the most purest form of innocence.

They don’t do the things they do for revenge, they don’t go to war or hold grudges.

Everything that they do is based on thousand of years of evolution and instinct, rather than fragile beliefs. However, there is one thing they can do: love unconditionally. Whether it’s being excited to greet you at the door or sitting with you as you binge-watch a season of Game of Thrones, they’re the ultimate companions. Unlike people, pets are always there for you when you need them. They don’t make fun of you just because you gained a few pounds, or move on to someone else when they become bored of you.

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They are there as your therapist, as your comic relief, and as your best friend through thick and thin. It is because of this that I can’t understand how some people can so easily disown their best friends. As someone who volunteers regularly at an animal shelter, I’ve heard it all.

“Oh, we didn’t know he was going to grow this big.”

“I simply don’t have enough time for him.”

“He’s too much work.”

And what do I say to all of this? It’s absolute rubbish. It’s not that they grew too big for your house, you knew very well how big that animal would get when it grew out of it’s cute, cuddly-wuddly baby phase. You’re just not willing to put in the effort to properly care for an animal, to take its life into your hands. If you’re not willing to take on this responsibility for the span of its life–however long it may be–then you aren’t deserving of being a pet owner. Recognize the fact that an animal would never say these things about their owner. No matter how they may treat the pet, they still devote their lives to them–not only because they have no choice, but because they are a human’s best friend.

Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by animals. From dogs to sugar gliders, we’ve just about had them all. And even when my cat would throw up on my new rug, or when my dog decided to chew up about every Barbie doll that I owned and acted as if nothing had happened, never once did I consider disowning them. Sure, would be livid with them for the next few hours, I still loved them at the end of the day. Pets love us with every fiber of their being, and I believe that that kind of love should be returned. I believe that pets are our best friends, and can truly brighten up anyone’s day. (Don’t lie, you know you’ve spent hours at a time just watching funny cat videos on Youtube.)

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Animals Will Forever Be Our Best Friend
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