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Are You an Environmentalist or Do You Work for a Living: Work and Nature By Richard White, there are two sides to a complex issue. Mr. White explains that we have the working part of the human race and then we have the environmentalists. The two relate to each other but directly but heads with each other. Natural earth has been industrialized now for quite some time. As much as everyone says they want the earth to remain in its natural state, White explains that there really isn't a spot left on earth that hasn't been influenced by human development.

Difficult human heavy labor is blamed in the passage for the degradation of earth. The problem that arises is that the only other option is leading the life of leisure. This is the life of an environmentalist. But let's be real here. Almost everyone is forced to work now-a-days and although someone's job may not be directly physically demanding, it most likely trickles down to someone who does have a job like that which ultimately degrades nature.

What White suggests is that there needs to be less of a cut difference between the life of leisure, and the life of hard work for the sake of the environment. Why not just have everyone be an environmentalist? One, it just won't happen unless or lives depend on it and two hard work is what make society run today. It's that happy medium that we're looking for.

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Therefore I see Robert White as a different kind of environmentalist. He isn't like most other hardcore environmentalists. Instead of being one sided, he understands both sides. One thing that really frustrates me is when environmentalists get so caught up in themselves that they don't see the other side of the argument and are not willing to compromise. We don't live in a world that can make changes on a dime. It takes time and that is just what environmentalists are going to have to deal with.

The overall well being of earth and nature ultimately has to be a team effort. No single force can change the dilemma by themselves. Activists are desperately trying to persuade the general public of the consequences of our ways but I just don't see

immediate future. Would I call myself and environmentalist? Probably not. I do care about the wildlife after all that is part of why I want to be in a conservation law enforcement position. However, I don't personally believe that the earth is in immediate danger. If we continue to develop new energy sources and be more efficient I believe we will be just fine.


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