Atlantic City's Wind Power and the Process of the Clean Energy Optimization

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Atlantic City has become one of three spots in New Jersey proposed to begin using power generated by wind. Community Energy Inc. out of Wayne Pa. Is working with Atlantic City Utilities Authority to put up 3 to 4 wind towers in Northwest Atlantic City. This 4.5 to 7.5-megawatt wind farm would be located at the sewage plant off Route 30. Community Energy is in line for a $1.7 million in BPU grants as long as they are online by the end of 2003. Four windmills in Atlantic City collective enough energy to meet the needs of 2,000 homes.

But ACUA is working on buying the energy directly from Community Energy at a discounted rate and using it to run the pumps and other machines. They would also collect money from the leasing of the property and say in turn it may lower sewage taxes.

There are two other companies in the process of looking for places to erect wind farms. Atlantic Renewable Energy Corp., of Richmond, Va.

is looking at the potential of creating a offshore wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean or Delaware Bay. Barnegat Inlet is in discussion right now with a 90megawatt wind farm being proposed. Also Clipper Windpower, of Goleta, Calif., is planning a 21megawatt wind farm atop Scotts Mountain in Harmony and White townships in Warren County.

One of the major things holding these projects up is the concern for the shore wildlife. There are none of these wind farms on the ocean or in it. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is concerned about the potential of these windmills killing birds.

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Right now studies are being done to see what the effect of the machines would have on the wildlife.

So as soon as the end of the year these companies could begin breaking ground on what could be the new rage in clean energy across the country.

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Atlantic City's Wind Power and the Process of the Clean Energy Optimization
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