BHP’s Tintaya Copper Mine

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I’m so happy that you want me to analyze and figure out exactly what went wrong at the Tintaya Copper Mine, even though I’m the newest and least-experienced consultant on the project. After I knew about the information about the Tintaya Copper Mine, my memo offers an overview of the problems and the ways to solve these problems.


As we know BHP acquired the Tintaya Copper Mine, but BHP just thinks about themselves and didn’t notice others’ benefits.

Since BHP bought the Tintaye Copper Mine, BHP didn’t have a stakeholder strategy in place.

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BHP didn’t care about the people in Espinar Province. Because the mine stood on many lands from many families, the government said they will provide more jobs and some land to the local people. But in fact, only a few people got jobs, and the loss of land made many people very poor. Although BHP agreed to set up a fund for the groups in the mining community, BHP still didn’t realize where the problems were.

BHP failed to recognize the importance of its various stakeholders throughout the entire process, BHP kept buying lands at cheap prices and didn’t pay attention to the pollution problem. Due to people’s protests and the loss of a lot of money, BHP had to shut down the mine and then sell it in 2006.

Key points

  1. People lost their lands without any benefit.
  2. Environmental pollution problem
  3. Compensation problem between the government and the BHP company and people
  4. Water pollution problem


At first, BHP should have a stakeholder strategy in place. BHP company must understand the local status and the attitude of the entire community to the BHP company. BHP company must agree with the community on problem-solving and ensure the interests of the people rather than just their interests. Such as people lost their lands, so they need to another way to make money. BHP company should work with the local government to protect the interests of the people and not be damaged. BHP company also should have more plans, to deal with various issues. Such as the mine will cause environmental pollution problems and water pollution problems, so the mine should build far away from the place where people lived.

Key points

  1. Provide enough jobs for people and enough paid
  2. Pay great prices to buy lands
  3. Find solutions to solve the environmental pollution problem and water pollution problems
  4. The mine location must build far away from the place people lived and pasture lands.

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