Buddhism Is Related With Environmental Ethics

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There is a problem in Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar and environmental ethics of Konbaung dynasty. Despite expressing the historical background of that period by most scholars, there is rarely provide how Buddhism is related with environmental ethics. This problem has negatively affected the people and country because it is not completed in the historical field. A possible cause of this problem is that they are difficult to collect the data with original language. Perhaps a study which investigates Konbaung dynasty by a historical method could help resolve the situation.

Scope of the Research

Even though there are a lot of evidences and references for the fact concerning with Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, it is here limited the field of Buddhism in Konbaung dynasty from 1752-1885 because of the time limit. As time frame is limited, the primary data cannot be going to the field. The analyses are made according to the data collected from secondary data in this study. The key findings and suggestions are forecast viewing these data expressed from ancient to modern days.

Research Hypotheses

The Konbaung dynasty contributed significantly for unification of Burma and advancement of its civilization. This study suggests that the domination of the Konbaung dynasty appreciably facilitated by Buddhism, which cemented the relationship between the rulers and ruled at one level and among Burmese people at another level. The Konbaung dynasty attempted to create Burmese society based upon the strict principles of the Theravada Buddhism. This study is also proposing that Buddhism acquired high popularity during the Konbaung dynasty who extended active patronage to Buddhism and monastic system.

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Definition of the Terms Used in the Research

The terms key words and key phrases refer to concepts at the core of one’s study and concepts that must be unambiguous in conducting research with proper care and if the procedures and outcomes are to be properly understood by your reading audience. To illustrate key words of this research are as follows:

Theravada Buddhism- it is believed to be the genuine doctrine of the Lord Buddha who has established the foundation of Theravada in Aparihaniyadesana. Konbaung dynastry- it means the period from king Alongphaya to king Thipaw(1752-1885). Environmental ethics – the term is concerned with environment of Myanmar people in their daily life in social, education, administration, economics, culture, architecture, literature, politic at the time of Konbaung Dynasty.

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Buddhism Is Related With Environmental Ethics
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