Can Green Businesses Gain A Competitive Advantage

The above questions try to answer if green businesses can gain a competitive edge and moving forward also examine the best method to initiate the transition process for becoming green by implementing green vision. Sustainability in the ecosystem comprises of the businesses and communities working together, which will help build foundation in this thesis. This examination starts from traditional concepts. The environmental facet will be observed from various perspectives as industrial, institutional, and the business so as to deeply examine green approach and also identify essential aspects that can enhance firm’s standing in the market.

I will then analyse the process of changing to a green firm.

Significance Of this Thesis

There should be focus on the importance of understanding that the stage of preventing global warming has passed and actual issue that must be of severe importance is to work on reducing it; events that will harm the planet will occur. As per Paul R. Kleindorfer, Kalyan Singhal and Luk N.

Van Wassenhove (2005) questions that managers should make decisions about are how to position their companies in a sustainable long term perspective. Equipped with right decisions, a company can also gain a competitive benefit when addressing the environmental concerns as per Natalie Slawinski and Pratima T. Bansal (2010). As per Charles William Leslie Hill, Gareth Jones and Melissa A. Schilling (2015), Samir K. Srivastava(2007) Effective green practices are a key in achieving good performance relative to a company’s competitors in the same industry and that relationship between strategy and success are strong.

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It is important to have control on waste in order to achieve good performance.

As per Charles William Leslie Hill (2015), Samir K. Srivastava (2007) suitable sustainable strategies concerning waste are important to pursue. As per Hau L. Lee (2004) for the approach to be sustainable it is necessary to manage the process so that it is agile, adaptable, and aligned. As per Samir K. Srivastava (2007) it substantiates how efficient green practices can be applied in profit oriented organizations and how to save costs and the planet. Despite the problem being widespread I feel there isn’t proper guideline that can help a businesses understand why is green necessary, what does becoming green mean, how it is beneficial to the business and how to go about the green process of change.


Underlying foundation of this thesis are academic papers, traditional concepts, plus secondary records utilized on environmental issues. The goal in this thesis is not to investigate concepts, rather to develop understanding and provide insights based on those concepts. The primary focus is towards profit-oriented businesses but the findings can be utilized in non-profit sectors too.

Limitations of this thesis

The thesis is constrained to theoretical viewpoint and it involves deep study on the matter but lacks empirical examination of the findings. Extensively related theories are used but it does not offer adequate utility in environmental issues in the business environment. Inadequate time period has restricted this thesis to theoretical findings but in light of the concepts it is beneficial. This thesis examines the aspect of green business from the viewpoint of manufacturers that does not necessarily point towards objective assumptions. A detailed research would be mandatory from viewpoint of a individuals, environmental groups and it should be mandatory towards discovering sustainable resolutions mutually accepted by the stakeholders involved. This thesis is also constrained by the business commitment to concentrate on internal changes in the business.

Study outline

This thesis is dissected into groundwork, problem identification and circumstances in a green business. The human necessities of environmental pyramid is presented and utilized to recognize transition of the organization’s function within the community. Organizations reaction to environmental issues and role of green marketing are presented. Next is the examination to decide aspects that are central to achieving green competitive benefit. Issue is investigated from viewpoints of the organization and industry. An examination is done of purchase behaviour and aspects that motivate green buying. Later, I provide suggestions on how to go about the transition towards a green business in light of the eight steps followed by exploration of forming associations with non-governmental groups and its prospective advantages.

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Can Green Businesses Gain A Competitive Advantage
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