Capability of Grasping the Importance of Sustainable Technological Solutions for the Future

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Technology is progressed depending upon the requirements. Inventors have mystic skills in resolving situations with their innovations. But what makes engineers different from innovators is the capability of grasping the importance of sustainable technological solutions for the future. Although many of our requirements and predicaments remain the same, the solutions keep advancing with the time and the situation. This world needs efficient technologies that don’t make it suffer in the future.

This ability of future analysis made me think about the course mechatronics.

I have always been a consistent performer in academics right from schooling. I finished my schooling with a 9.7 GPA in SSC. From childhood onwards, I have more interest in mathematics and sciences among other subjects, that made me pursue my 12th in MPC (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) and secured 95.2% in it. After that because of keen interest in both mechanical and electrical courses, I decided to apply for both and got a mechanical engineering course at last, in my bachelor's.

My undergraduate syllabus exposed me to all the core areas of mechanical engineering like engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, thermal engineering, production technology, automobile engineering, design of machine members and software like CAD/CAM, CREO and ANSYS. These courses have thought me a good fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering. In the first year, I have gone through basic electrical and electronics engineering and in the final year, I have got a chance to study mechatronics.

But as it is an elective in our syllabus, I gave first preference for mechatronics then to robotics, fortunately, or unfortunately, my faculty enrolled me into the robotics course.

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It is also very efficient and good worth to study for one semester as it is somewhat related to mechatronic, there I missed a chance of gaining knowledge of mechatronics but my interest in it never vanished. I made self researches about the content in the mechatronics and tried to obtain knowledge as much as possible. Then I have completed my graduation with an aggregate of 9.15 CGPA overall with no history of backlogs, in Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous).

This is one of the top autonomous colleges, which is accredited “A” grade by “NAAC”. Besides academic records, my participation in extra-curricular activities has ensured the all-round development of my personality. I have participated in sports, social welfare schemes like NNS and in some of the technical events and automobile workshops. Attending workshops have enrooted a lot of enthusiasm in me and helped me to understand the practical aspects of mechanical courses. In the third year of under graduation, I have got the opportunity to do an internship (mini project) in esteemed central government workshop, which is SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY carriage workshop, lallaguda, Secunderabad, India.

There I worked on “STUDY ON SUSPENSION SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS” from which I have got to know practically how suspension system works in train and the process of manufacturing the coil springs which are used for the suspension system. We did it in a group with three candidates from which I gained experience of leadership and understood the importance of teamwork. In the fourth year, I got a chance to do my final (major) project “BOX TRANSPORT MECHANISM “for which I used the knowledge of mechanics, kinematics, designing of machine members, and usage of dc motors to it.

This project aims for the utilization of kinematic links to fabricate a working physical modal of a 4-link transport mechanism. The mechanism to be developed in its simplest form would perform a function of transporting boxes articles that are being fed on two rails and are preceded ahead one by one. The 4bar mechanism allows moving more than one article. Transport mechanism generally moves material and their application lies in various industries like manufacturing, assembly, packaging, etc. The box transport mechanism plays a crucial role in industries.

The process of transporting products from one place to a different was to be maintained by conveyor only. So we just successfully altered this with a box transport mechanism using the kinematic links and motor. We had implemented our basic mechanical knowledge and designing skills for design and fabricating this project successfully. I thought all these grades and percentages secured in academics up to now is just not enough, our education and knowledge should be useful for society, which has threats because of human activities and innovations made by them, are causing troubles themselves and to nature. For instance, the invention of automobiles has made ease of traveling one side and being its part of pollution and accidents on the other side. In the future, there may be a lack of fuels to run vehicles or the cost of fuels may get its peak.

So, the best solution for this is to use electro powered vehicles instead of an internal combustion engine, and it desires to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality and using sensors system to it can avoid accidents. Already some companies have initiated electro-powered vehicles. Not only in automobiles, but there are also many areas of applications of mechatronics like nanotechnology, automation, robotics, electric systems, manufacturing industries, etc, I desire to be a part of its research.

As mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field of science that combines the principles of mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, telecommunications engineering, electronics, systems engineering, and control engineering into a centralized discipline while keeping the core mechanical engineering background. The technology of mechatronics is doing to be the major source for many industries, so I decided to pursue my master’s in mechatronics.

As we all know, German universities are well known for their quality education and research works. I started searching for the best university for the masters program in mechatronics, and then I got to know that the University of Siegen is providing International Graduate Studies in Mechatronics (Master of Science) with its excellent research facilities combined with distinguished and dedicated faculty. As its semesters' syllabus consisting of postgraduate courses in control and system theory, electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, advanced control, applied computer science and fundamentals for mechatronic applications, made my curiosity higher and higher to study this course for masters.

Also, the location of the university that is the city of Siegen which is located in the southern part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is the best place for student life as it has huge facilities for refreshment and provides wide opportunities to grow, so undoubtedly I have chosen this university for my master’s. And also to get fit to the culture and people over there I have learned the basic German language and got certified by Goethe, now at present I am learning next level to it (A2) My ultimate goal is to learn more, deepen the knowledge I have and pursue excellence and I believe that higher education would help me achieve my goals.

At this point in my career, I believe that I have built a strong foundation of myself and I’m ready to step on to pursue my Master’s degree. Thus, I am applying for the master of science-International Graduate Studies in mechatronics – University of Siegen I strongly believe that I can match the high standards of your university and contribute fruitfully to the research endeavors at your university. I would be grateful to you if I am accorded the opportunity to do my masters in your esteemed university. I sincerely hope that my application for admission is favorably received. (A. SAI KRISHNA RAO)

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Capability of Grasping the Importance of Sustainable Technological Solutions for the Future
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