Career of Quality Control Chemist

I am interested in pursuing Quality Control Chemist.
Quality Control Chemist works in research to obtain information that could be used to develop new adhesive colors for the surfacing industry. Performs a variety of testing on materials and other substances to ensure that the safety and equality standards are met. Also, he/she determines batch adjustments utilizing lab blends, accepted guidelines, and using batch history, prepares documents that report the results of laboratory work to the Supervisor. Besides, he/she follows ISO 9001 procedures and recommends improvements.

Quality Control Chemist required a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or related fields with at least one year of experience of relevant in an industrial lab. Moreover, he/she must be able to match the color to customer applications in coatings or plastics industries.
Quality Control Chemist works for the manufacturing industry might be exposed to chemicals that cause health or safety hazards when handling. However, there is a little risk if he/she follows proper procedures.

From 2018 to 2028, All Chemists have overall employment projected to grow at 4 percent.
I would work in North Carolina.
IPS Corporation would employ me.
I think this career is in demand because every manufacturing Industry needs Quality Control Chemists to ensure the quality of the products as long as there are regulations.
I can move from Quality Control Chemist to the Quality Control Supervisor. This job required a Bachelor's degree or equivalent at least five years of experience, and also needed strong communication skills, excellent writing, and proficiency in MS Offices.

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Besides, it required the ability to work any shift.
An Associated in Science (AS) degree related to Chemistry that I am now working on at SCC must study for a total of two years and 60 credit hours. I am exploring diverse chemistry topics, including biochemistry and organic chemistry, along with laboratory experiments. I also am studying strictly for physics and calculus, which will help me demonstrate accurately with laboratory tests. When I finish my degree, I will qualify to work as a chemistry research associate or a laboratory assistant. It is an excellent way to start my path to a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Chemistry. A BS degree in Chemistry must study for a total of four years and 120 credit hours, the courses to be considered must cover in mathematics and sciences. I will explore various sub-disciplines of chemistry such as organic and inorganic, and also take a variety of mathematics courses, including advanced algebra and calculus. Laboratory experiments will also be an essential part of my degree program. If I want to be a Professional Chemist, I will need to earn a Master's degree (MS) in Chemistry. This two-year educational program will provide advanced teaching and laboratory experiments in chemistry subfields such as analytical and environmental chemistry. I will also have an opportunity to advance and improve my research skills, which will be necessary for my future work in the field. My MS degree will be an option for many careers like a production chemist in a manufacturing facility, a hazardous material expert for the Environmental Protection Agency, or a medical chemist in pharmacology. And lastly, I will need to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry if I plan to seek a career in research or university-level education. I will be able to conduct research and also teach at a college or university.
The starting salary after graduation from a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry is 40,000 yearly estimated.
The universities that I plan to attend to earn a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry are Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Both of them offer the degree that I would like to earn.
The other websites that I used to gather this information are,, and
This career interests me because I like to work with focusing on details to ensure that the processes followed the procedures. My background knowledge is a similarity to guidelines because, in my previous jobs, I was working as a Color & Quality Control Chemistry in manufacturing laboratory tests in Thailand. I conducted the researches to ensure that the products meet specifications. I undertook a variety of projects related to the quality control of raw materials, in-process samples, finished products, and outside vendors and also interpreted test results to upper management. And I also have the Certificates of Successful Completion in ISO 9001:2000; Internal Quality Audit and ISO 9001:2008; Requirements & Inter Quality Audit are helpful with this job.

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