A Case Study on the Sustainability of Chevron Corporation

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Chevron Corporation is an American global energy corporation that has successfully operated in more than 180 countries in the provision of standard oil. According to the chairman and chief executive officer of Chevron Corporation, John S. Watson, different media resources that include news releases, interviews, social media, and business round table blogs support the firm's sustainable and ethical business undertakings. "Directed by our core values, Chevron works to be cherished not just for our endeavors but for attaining results in the appropriate way.

We are dedicated to functioning safely; protecting our employees and the environment; and dealing responsibly and morally with our shareholders, workforces, local companies, governments, and communities." On the company's website, Chevron claims to follow strict ethical standards and human rights measures through maintenance of environmental friendly interventions. This analysis evaluates these claims in perspective to disclose the misdemeanor that contradicts the public relations gimmick.

Chevron's Sustainability Activities

The success of Chevron is closely intertwined with the success of our communities.

The company has worked with partners through an integrated approach to reinforce health structures, especially in countries where they operate. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, Chevron recognizes that terminating mother-to-child spread of HIV is one of the most practical techniques to realize an AIDS-free generation. In this quest, Chevron collaborates with Pact to avert mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Bayelsa state, Nigeria. This has greatly reduced the prevalence of this disease, and through these concerted efforts, they can assist in bringing about an HIV-free generation (Corporate Social Responsibility Profile for Chevron Corporation, 2016).

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Ever since 2011, more than 10,000 women throughout Latin America have obtained occupational training, skills advancement, and microloan facilities through Chevron-affiliated women's empowerment platforms. Chevron associates itself with indigenous non-profit-making organizations such as the Community Inclusion Scheme and nongovernmental groups across Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. Its partners and branches have operated for more than nine decades to provide affordable and accessible microloans and learning and occupational training to enhance women's livelihoods (Corporate Social Responsibility Profile for Chevron Corporation, 2016). Moreover, for more than a decade, Chevron has reinforced the expansion of Emprered, a charitable enterprise that has trained approximately 7,000 managers in four Venezuelan states in project development, marketing, investment, and other essential supplementary skill paramount to cultivating successful businesses. Chevron also works practically with groups like Dressed with Dreams, a Venezuelan organization that trains previously abused women to generate and design clothing by equipping them with essential skills and competencies to establish their businesses, reinforcing their financial freedom (Chevron Corporation Home, 2015). Consequently, beside the northern coastline region of the Colombian state of La Guajira, where Chevron operates, fishing is a major economic activity in the native Wayúu communities of the area. This region is one of the nation's most impoverished states (Chevron Corporation Home, 2015). For approximately four decades, Chevron has collaborated with the Wayúu, generating energy, reinforcing the communities' abilities, and valuing indigenous customs. Our projects address communal needs concerning women's and household health matters and offer economic prospects. Chevron also works with the Fab Foundation, which offers learners with essential apparatuses and technological expertise that enhance education, innovation, and invention. The company is dedicated to progressing STEM – science, technology, engineering and math training enterprises.

This embraces development and problem-based knowledge, which facilitates student classroom involvements by engaging in practical undertakings and resolving problems. In essence, Fab Foundation provides access to vital equipment and know-how that facilitates training and innovation. However, over the years, Chevron has been involved in unethical practices that caused major reputational risks. For example, in Ecuador in the year 2014, Chevron was fined $9.5 billion for an environmental case where it was accountable for oil drilling pollution. The company also endeavored to evade millions of dollars' worth of duties and eighteen years' worth of immoral business practices. Chevron had discarded billions of tons of lethal waste into the Ecuadorian rainforest; they were sued but refuted their involvement, regardless of plenty of concrete evidence (Chevron Toxico, 2015).

Also, Chevron's apparent conduct includes personal aggravation and an advertisement crusade, corresponding with the secretive theft of case-related records from the court-selected special master's office. These claims were advanced by Amazon Defense Coalition, the group that represents nearly 30,000 complainants in the case, plus the associates of five Amazon native groups. Chevron was applying extrajudicial power to undermine the autonomous expert who was arranging to testify against Chevron's damages in Ecuador (Chevron Pit, 2011).



Chevron is a company with an extensive, robust history and has evolved, through subsequent changes, from the company's initially named Pacific Coast Oil Company in 1879 to various strategically executed initiatives. The company has experienced a myriad of ethical challenges that have put it in the limelight, but through concerted efforts, Chevron has deliberately transformed and has always reserved its founders' essence, determination, innovation, and perseverance through ethical codes. Chevron has proven its critics wrong and has endured, retaining its corporate social responsibility and maintaining high ethical standards that are above reproach.



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A Case Study on the Sustainability of Chevron Corporation
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