Cases Of Cancer Diagnosed in The United States

There are many health risks that are caused by pesticides exposure as well as other chemicals used in organic and non organic foods. Pesticides used by farming companies are a big part of health risks. Children’s cancer is rising and pesticide exposure is a major contributor to this. Young girls exposed to DDT before they reach puberty are highly to get breast cancer by the time they reach middle age, according to President’s Cancer Panel. A research done has been found that pregnant women exposed to DDT are likely to develop quadruplet breast cancer risk.

If a person is exposed to pesticides and other chemicals before conceiving a child, the child’s risk of getting cancer is likely to happen.

Farm Workers as well as their families, are at risk to develop cancer then then the ones who aren’t exposed to pesticides. Farmers tend to work daily with chemicals that are harmful to their health, which can cause a downside to their health.

According to, farmers and pesticide applicators are likely to develop prostate cancer. Women who tend to work daily with pesticides are at risk to develop ovarian cancer and crop duster pilots as well as farm women have a higher risk in getting skin cancer. The harm that a pesticide can cause is tested on animals to vary how much of a particular ingredient is needed. Acute toxicity is determined by testing skin, lungs, mouth and eye examinations on animals. did a test on animals concluding that pesticides are carcinogenic and tumor promoters.

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There are four ways of exposure: skin, inhalation, mouth, and eyes. Using the proper materials as well as taking precaution can reduce the risk at risk to develop cancer due to pesticide exposure.

Workers that work with pesticides should always look for labels either saying DANGER, POISON, TOXIC, HAZARDOUS or WARNING. Some symptoms of poisoning can cause mild skin irritation, coma and death. Irritated and/or inflamed skin are signs often seen of pesticide exposure. When a person is exposed to pesticide sprays, they tend to cough or sneeze, some react to a strong odor irritation their eyes, nose and possibly have their throat feel scratchy. People exposed to pesticides without the proper protection can develop an allergic reaction, redding in the eyes to itchiness if the skin and eyes.

Pesticide exposure can develop multiple types of cancer. Agricultural workers and their families can develop bladder cancer, Adult brain cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, eye cancer, gallbladder cancer, Kidney/Renal cancer, Adult Leukemia, Lip cancer and etc. Children can develop brain cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and multiple others if they are exposed to pesticides at an early age without the proper care. People need to be aware and alert of early signs of possible pesticide poisoning and get the proper medical attention immediately.

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Cases Of Cancer Diagnosed in The United States
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