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When it comes to breaking barriers Chernobyl is not exactly a good thing because it turned out to be a disaster this disaster it helped to show what to do and what not to do in a nuclear plant also it was one of the largest nuclear plant disasters to ever happen. Chernobyl was a nuclear plant based in Ukraine in Europe very close to Russia. The whole reason as to why the disaster happened in the first place was because they had a bad reactor and it was managed by inadequately trained workers.

At the time of the disaster nuclear power was decently new and they were not super experienced with it and on top of that the people there did not really know what they were doing. The year this disaster took place was probably not the best year for everyone. There was a space shuttle called the challenger that exploded that year and the Berlin wall was still up during that time to many it may have seemed like a year of horror.

Even though this was a disaster it was rellevent at the time because It helped to keep radioactivity from spreading and produced power at the same time so it was convenient to people. The reactor had a sudden power surge resulting in steam and fire and 5% of the radioactive energy was released into the atmosphere. This resulted in injury and deaths of many people and it turned into a thriving area for nature.

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Strangely many dogs were left behind which has resulted in many people joining groups to save the dogs today. Chernobyl is still a place that you can visit though you will probably have to go with a gas mask so you can go into the quarantine zones but there are some zones that you can visit without masks. One of the people who was the cause of the disaster in the first place was a man named Dyatlov . An estimated 4,000 people died from the disaster and some are still honored today. Chernobyl is important to remember and it breaks barriers because it was such a big disaster teaching future nuclear plants to not do what they did wrong to cause such a disaster.


The Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 on April 26. It killed a total of 4,000 people over a long period of time. The reactor produces energy by making uranium dioxide fuel. The explosion was the largest radioactive release in the world to this date. Trees and other animals within a 10 square kilometer radius got infected by the radiation. When it exploded a scientist by the name of Varely Leglosove helped to stop the radiation from spreading. People are still, to this day, working on getting rid of the radiation and making the place safer to live in. Even though Varely Leglosove had stopped the radiation he was excommunicated from the world because he had tried to make the government of Russia fix the problem in the reactors, so that it didn’t explode again. He had made tapes exposing the corrupt government of Russia. Many people sacrificed their lives in stopping the radiation from killing the whole world. At the time the reason chernobyl was a breaking barriers thing was because it could have been one of the biggest disasters it was trial and error and this was error but that resulted in many new things being made in other nuclear plants that could help with this kind of disaster not to happen again it was probably one of the worst disasters in the soviet union

Significance- For this part, please write one well developed paragraph that explains the significance of your person or event to history. Why do we talk about this person or event? What were the short or long term effects associated with your topic? (1/2 page)


The significance of this story is that the Russian government almost killed the whole world because they did not contact the Americans to help. They were afraid that they would laugh in their faces because of their mistake. Also the significance of Varely Leglosove is that he was the main person who helped stop the radiation. We talk about this event and person because it had a big impact in changing the Russian government. Also it could have ended human life. The short term effects of the topic was the government keeping it a secret and the long term is the radiation that lingers in the area, and the knowledge of how to stop the radiation.

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