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Sreeja Rangaraju Ryan Rucker Computer Security: CRN144 02/19/2019 Five Different Types Cyber Viruses Five different cyber viruses. Viruses are the Malicious Piece of code. A computer Virus gets in, it can take over an infected computer, and it can make it useless, or even it can turn the computer into a weapon if that is made infected for the Ill purposes. Once the computer is infected the virus usually does something bad. There are a lot of different kinds of viruses and malware all of which are being infected the computers in different ways.

Some of them are programmed to hold important information for ransom. Some are designed to bring down the internet servers. Some are meant to destroy uranium-rich centrifuges physically 1: Chernobyl Virus This has the power to damage computer’s hardware to fix it all the physical parts are supposed to be replaced. It first appeared in 1998 and known as Chernobyl Virus. It can make a computer into a useless junk than rendering into unusable.

Once this is affected, Bios should be replaced to fix the computer.Bios stands for basic input /output system.It handles all of the computers input/output devices like keyboard, monitor, hard drive.

A microprocessor uses these to communicate to all parts of the computer that we interact with.So Bios Chip damage is not fixable.Chernobyl Virus would infect any files & programs we try to use this makes it a space filler Virus.It hides in the spaces of the unused files.If those Files were shared or an infected program was redistributed the virus travels with them to a new machine to infect even more stuff.

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the viruses author was Chen ing Hau.He signed the code with his initials 2Cryptolocker: It is one of the most damaging ransomware programs.It was at its peak in 2013.It distributed itself via a botnet, A group of computers that had already been infected with another virus.A computer can also be affected by opening a wrong kind of email attachment.Basically what it does is it would infect the computer, Encrypt all the files then give three days to pay $300.00 in an untraceable currency like bitcoin if it is paid then the key is sent to decrypt the files.If not, It would Delete itself leaving all of the files encrypted with no way of ever getting them back ever.It was eventually neutralized by taking down the botnet is used to distribute itself. 3 Bakasoftware: it is popularly known as Antivirus XP 2008 or spyware protect 2009 which tricked all of us into thinking a legitimate anti-virus program.It is a trojan horse program that gets onto the computer by making us believe its something harmless or something that’s supposed to protect a computer from virus.

When the Baka software is downloaded on to the computer it runs a fake scan of the computer, which detects fake viruses then tells in order to remove those viruses ,upgrade should be done to the full version for some reasonable price it will keep popping up to tell to upgrade whenever ever an activity is noticed it makes computer practically unusable.It cannot be uninstalled.It spreads itself across potentially dozens of different places on the hard drive .there are tools available to remove it, but it doesn’t always work.It is still operating today and affecting thousands of new computers every month. 4 Stuxnet: The first digital weapon deployed by a nation for strategic purposes which is us along with allies in Israel.It is Developed under the code name Olympic games, Stuxnet was a greenlit in 2006, Under Bush administration to slow Iranian Nuclear Development.The goal was to develop a virus that could take out the centrifuges powering uranium enrichment in the Natanz enrichment plant in Iran.It was deployed in 2009 it had to be carried into the Natanz on thumb drives, Either by double agents or unknown accomplices. Once Stuxnet would deposit itself on the target computer the thumb drive was plugged in.To avoid Detection. It has the stolen certificates from Realtek & jmicrotechnology both based on Taiwan.

Once got into Natanz it infiltrated the computers used to calibrate the system that were used to control the centrifuges then it would order the rotors that drove the centrifuges to either speed up or slow down the rotors suddenly would crack and the centrifuges would break and reached the control centers where the Technicians were watching and sent them the data that everything was going just fine. Scientists did not know the reason for the centrifuges failure; this made them replacing up to 2,000 centrifuges every couple of months.In 2010 Stuxnet escaped Natanz on an Iranian engineer’s laptop and started replicating itself all over the internet that is how it was unmasked after a year of investigation. 5 I love you: I was created by reonel ramones and onel de guzman.It comes as an email with the words I love you in the subject line.It spread fast Because It used Microsoft outlook as its fast spreading platform. It used social engineering as its bait.Once a person gets an email with the I love you subject line and if they click on it .it will send it self to everyone in User’s address book . It also deleted many of the files including jpeg and mp3 it reached 45 million in one day In 2000 it was so big that ford motor company shut down its email. On infecting it made the computer unbootable .It cost around Fifteen billion Dollars.

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