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Based on research, it is determined that out of the five conflicts within a state, resources would be the most difficult to resolve. Unlike power, natural resources are the foundation of the earth. People need land to live, build homes, and farm. From a governmental standpoint, the area is a private possession, which is why the government controls who can buy a property. The access to land as a political entity makes the governmental system a lot easier domestically and internationally.

When a superpower like the United States has access to extensive properties in other countries, it builds wealth for the already established nation. If anyone were to take away the United States property for any reason, that entity would lose currency and ultimately go into an economic crisis; according to the Klessner PowerPoint slide that shows the breakdown of resources.

Moving forward, it is evident that some democracies are more efficient at managing some of the resources, specifically natural resources than others.

It is apparent in the statements stated by the “Journal of Peace” that some democracies like China handle natural resources like oil, water, and land better than other countries like Cuba. Stated in the article, it is easy for a superpower to continue wealth and manage the estate they have, but when market norms come into play, that is when things go downhill. In a country like China, if the people of the community decide to rebel and oppose taxes on the rich, it is likely the poor will be threatening the wealthy, but the impact would be slim to none.

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The rich in a nation like China controls all the natural resources. Therefore, the poor building a campaign to change the taxes on the rich would be a failed stunt by the community, which the previous statement concerns how the political system is running for the united states.

Moreover, the article points towards are key point, in the 20th century, it was the goal of multiple states to gain more capital by up charging other countries for wanting to use their resources. For instance, it cost Apple, a company that makes iPhones, iPad, and other accessories more money to produce the products in the United States compared to china since the production cost is lower. The cooperation as a whole is maximizing its profit by moving their company to a different nation to help out their economy by providing jobs but also lining the pockets of the company itself.

Conversely, if a state like Cuba were taken of their resources such as water and oil, it would be difficult for the nation to recover from that downfall. Cuba already has domestic struggles. Such as people in their community being more impoverished than the weakest person in America. Adding the loss of natural resources like water and oil would put the nation into a state of an emergency, and other countries would have to help out. The capital of Cuba is not big enough to maintain as other superpowers provide for people.

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