Climate And Natural Disasters

The following sample essay on “Climate And Natural Disasters”: talks about the impact of climate change on natural disasters.

In January 2017, the U.S. ‘“National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that 2017 had been the warmest year on record, marking the third year in a row that this had occurred’’(Supporters Argue: Government Should Take Action to Combat Climate Change 1).

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In the later part of the 1800s, scientists began to notice the Earth was on the rise. As fossil fuels keep burning bad gases are released into the air which makes the earth hotter.

The pollution started in the industrial revolution .when factories spread carbon dioxide till going on today a certain amount of trapped heat is a must because otherwise another occur and make the planet unlivable. Climate change directly affects natural disasters as seen by the increase of severe storms and glacier melting leading to flooding; however, some think climate change is not responsible for an increase in severity of natural disasters, but instead blame human error and tectonic plate movement for the increase in severity.

Unfortunately, in recent years, individuals have been exposed to numerous intense storms which had massive effects. These storms are remembering weather will only get worse as climate change continues, Barack Obama said “Levels of Carbon dioxide which heats our atmosphere, are higher than they’ve been in 800,000years. We’ve seen stronger storms, deeper droughts, longer wildlife season…I believe there is such a thing as being too late”(Supporters Argue Government Should Take Action to Combat Climate Change 1). Former President Barack Obama feels the levels of carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere which is causing these rigorous storms a. If action isn’t taken soon, it may be too late. “When Hurricane Irma swept through the Florida Keys in September, it brought a vivid preview of the damage that climate change could mess up, on the region in the decades ahead”. Hurricane Irma devastated the Keys but this is nothing compared to what storms may be brewing in the future. Hurricanes and flooding are on the rise and are caused by the warmer environment. This, in turn, will result in more devastating properties which increase the cost.

In addition, the earth is getting worse every time companies .release heat and carbon dioxide causing a rise in the sea level: “Weather patterns could change causing flooding, drought and an increase In Damage storms. Global Warming could melt the ice to raise the sea level” (Supporters Argue Government Should Take Action to Combat Climate). If there is no change soon humanity won’t be able to exist on planet earth. If the polar ice melts there would be massive flooding; “A recent report from the Government Accountability Office warned that rising sea levels and heavier downpours fueled by global warming could increase flooding costs in coastal communities by 23 billion”.This is going to continue to get worse and worse. The coastal communities are suffering from global warming. Whenever there is a devastating disaster it cost about 23 million to fix the coastal communities. If we keep letting the carbon dioxide into the air and letting it heat the earth It would not be habitable. Humanity also can not keep suffering from the deadly floods and the water rising.

On the other hand, many people in the world don’t believe in global warming. They think climate change is fake saying the temperature data show no clear recent warming and noting the benefits of global warming. There are a lot of reasons why climate changes the recent increase in serious storms like hurricanes and tornadoes and it keeps affecting humanity .also every summer it keeps getting hotter and hotter every year causing the ice caps to melt and the sea level to rise and nobody would live on earth and humans would be destroyed.

The topic of global warming has been going on since the industrial revolution in 1800 for glaciers melting in the Arctic is going to raise the sea and the severe storms are going to keep getting worse. On the other hand, people got different kinds of beliefs some believe humanity is letting out bad carbon Dioxide and is killing the atmosphere slowly. They’re also the tectonic plates that everyone is worried about how the plates shifted and the CO2 would slip the cracks and that has been causing it. If nothing can be done to stop this kind of carbon Dioxide from getting into our atmosphere earth would be hazardous. Therefore we are still going to have glaciers melting and severe storms keep destroying our lives.

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