Climate change Buddhism (Pollution and waste in Thailand)

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Climate change is one of the biggest problems the world is facing in the recent years, and it is now affecting the ways religious are being practicing around the world. The Religious Literacy Project is directed by Diane L. Moore and all content is constructed under her editorial direction.
Buddhism is considered being stereotyped this because of the environmentally friend tradition. This create divergencies in accordance to what they say they believe, and what they are practicing in questions of environment, because for them environment is an important part of their tradition.

What comes in mind when we talk about this divergencies is the fact that the Buddhist day behavior contradicts to their belief of green tradition, having many environment problems such as: Pollution, environmental degradation, etc.
The consumption of plastic bags can be considered one of the biggest causes of environmental degradation. “It is said that nearly 2 million of tons of toxic waste is illegally dumped in the country annually and only 500 of the nation’s 2500 open air landfills are properly managed”.

I personally think that nowadays we are talking so much about climate changes effects and we see that they are not doing so much about it and at the same time it is causing many problems to Thailand, so there is a high need for them to find a better solution of the problems of waste and pollution. There is a need of call for action: Thailand come up with a solution which I personally analyzing did not think was the best or effect solution for the case, and the solution is also controversy (Recycling).

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The use of bottle as a construction material, and the fact that they use more Heineken bottles or any beer bottles even though alcohol consumption is a taboo for the Buddhists.
This technique might help but then the question would be why keeping using so many bottles in the, why not develop another kind of environmentally friendly techniques, why not stop producing plastic bags or change plastic bags to environmentally friendly bags.
Abbot San Kataboonyo said: “The more bottle we get, the more building we make”. Glass bottles takes twice as much energy to produce but this is the only way Buddhists have for now to contribute to more sustainable world.
The article is basically about the was and pollution that one of the reasons for climate change and it is affecting the world and especially some countries and in this case one of them is Thailand. Here we can perfectly not the religion sometimes diverge, and the perfect example is the use of glass alcohol bottles as construction material and at the same time does not approve the consumption of alcohol. But for now we see that Buddhist can somehow be a bit acceptive about alcohol consumption in order to help to build a more sustainable world, this bottles are used to create mosaics there that somehow attracts tourists for example one of the most famous building of glass bottles is the Million Bottle Temple a large complex of around 20 building’s all constructed with glass bottles.

Case Study

Buddhism can be said to be changing or maybe more open nowadays because of the current situation they are facing in Thailand, because they are some how changing their habits, costume just because of the impact it have in the environment, Buddhist are trying to be more environmentalist in order to build a more sustainable world, this can be consider being diverse in order to face the current situation of their country, They see that there was a need of change even though it affects their religious belief.
Climate change is a reality, we can say that 3 or 5 years back we did not care about climate change as much as we care now, this because now we can feel the impact of it, even more in some countries such as Thailand that has facing problems like floods that can be related to the huge waste, combined with low rate of recycling, and this problems affects the practice of Buddhism in Thailand. Nowadays Buddhists are engaged in environmental activist work, before they would just sit and meditate now, they try to figure out how to help as Buddhist.
Alcohol consumption is often discouraged by Buddhist communities but I think that Buddhist are being open to this just because of the current environmental situation of their country, they see that there is a need of change, some might think why use glass bottles to build a Temple but then if this bottles were not use to do something they would create many environmental problems and they already have many problems such as with plastic bags and they do not do so many recycling, so for them is a way of building a more sustainable world and contribute for a good environment.
“Smokey the Bear Sutra” Buddhist” Buddhism is ecological in intent from the very beginning, their responsibility is to protect life down the smallest little creature, to protect their community, maintain their own practice and honor impermanence, all at the same time, Buddhism is there to help in cases of environmental problems because they have the responsibility to do so, but I think not only them but we all have the responsibility when comes to environment and climate change. The America Buddhist representation is different from Buddhism in Thailand- smoke the bear sutra is declaration of opposition between the high minded people believing in enlightened, harmonious inhabitation of the planet.

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Climate change Buddhism (Pollution and waste in Thailand)
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