Climate Change: Is it Threatening?  

The following sample essay on “Climate Change: Is it Threatening?  “: tells about the threat of climate change to humanity.

The overuse of fossil fuels worldwide started in the 1950s and now the Earth is experiencing worldwide global warming which is endangering people and environments in all regions. Fossil fuels are being burnt every day, and most people refuse to believe that it is causing global warming, especially big oil companies. These companies plagued the consumers into believing it was a natural phenomenon, so they could keep selling their products as multibillion-dollar industries.

The Earth has now drastically increased the global climate by a few degrees every year, which has affected coral reefs, people, and animals. Eventually, people are starting to realize how much damage we have truly done and are taking actions such as: using electric cars, buying organic food, using eco-friendly electricity, and carpooling. As a result of this, they are persuading others to join in which will cut emissions by huge numbers.

For example, if some people were to carpool only twice a week then 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gasses can be kept out of the air (

In their article “We’re Dangerously Unprepared For The Heat Crisis From Climate Change,” Irwin Redlener and Jackie Ratner state how our actions and carefree mindset are taking a toll on our planet. Due to the actions of humans, they state that “Spain and Portugal have been approaching 115 degrees Fahrenheit” (Ratner and Redlener) and due to this rapid increase in temperatures they exclaimed that a heatwave killed 70,000 people in 2003.

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Redlener and Ratner would later talk about all the negative effects of climate change and show more evidence proving that it is detrimental. However, they point out simple ways to protect people like having “good ventilation”(Ratner and Redlener) and “staying hydrated,” (Ratner and Redlener) which state that doing a simple task can save numerous lives around the world. Over time organizations such as Bloomberg Philanthropies and The World Health organization are stepping in to help with our problem stating that “trees should be viewed as critical infrastructure,”(Ratner and Redlener) and “create more green infrastructure” (Ratner and Redlener).Because global warming has a huge impact on regions all over the world, actions should be taken to help protect people and the environment.

As stated above our climate is changing and affecting people (elderly and young) all over the world. People have been hospitalized due to heatstroke and even killed because of the rapid increase in global temperatures. Ratner and Redlener state that numerous diseases can be exacerbated by heat and dehydration, like asthma and lung disease. While infants and the elderly are more prone to getting these even if they don’t have underlying problems, others may be affected by it. This is a worldwide problem especially in rural and lower class communities because they do not have protection from the intense heatwaves or the proper hydration needed which could lead to kidney disease. They recommend calling 911 if you obtain one of these symptoms and “While waiting for help, first aid should include cooling the victim, moving to a cooler place, and ice packs under the arms and on the groin” (Ratner and Redlener).

The environment that we live in, that we feed off of, that we need the most, is being depleted at a very rapid pace due to global warming. Environmental collapse is likely to happen and kill off many organisms such as coral reefs, fish, trees, and various types of plants. Temperatures in regions such as Spain and Portugal are at an all-time high reaching 115 degrees Fahrenheit stated by Ratner and Redlener, which is not good for the environment. This can cause the oceans to heat up and hold in more carbon than the ocean can consume. For instance, coral feeds on carbon and small micro-organisms, and with ocean temperatures increasing the microorganisms will be killed and the coral relies on carbon. However, with too much intake the coral will end up dying leaving a dead ecosystem. Many islanders rely on fish for money and food, but without coral reefs, the fish move elsewhere or die.

People across the world need to realize how much global warming affects their surroundings and even themselves, if not it may be too late. We can make simple changes in our lives like “going green,” (Ratner and Redlener) and carpool a few times a week. Without our ecosystem we have an impending extinction headed our way.

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