Climate Change Means Death

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The public has no clue of climate changes deadly effect on the ecosystems and the coral reefs. 

Knowledge of climate change will raise funding to prove its dangerous effects and start donations to save ecosystems. ‘Propelling our efforts in policy will call for change in colleges’. (Nicholas k. Patrise ETL).Which will lead to more research and more scholarships to young minds who notice the call. “Engaging our colleges are critical efforts as we move ahead in our call to action”.

(Nicholas K. Patrise ETL). Without us raising awareness we will lose all coral reefs and valuable ecosystems and the public will not know they were the cause. “Climate change has devastating consequences like deadly weather events and loss of crucial wildlife”. (Nicholas K. Patrise ETL). Though we may not know it climate change affects “humans as much as it dose wildlife”. (Nicholas K. Patrise ETL.) For example post traumatic stress and disorder because of lack of oxygen in the air.

Our first action of awareness should target ads make petition as well as newspapers headlines. Also CNN and other big news titles would be a big help in spreading awareness.This will call for support and show supporters their not alone. Advertise major headlines like ‘Nurses invest in preventing climate change and make organization called REAP’. (Nicholas K. Patrise ETL). Also the organizations most asked question ‘ Are we sufficiently equipped?’ (Nickolas K. Patrise ETL.) No they are not yet but this is where ads come in to fund their efforts.

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They will prove we are the cause of climate change and we are destroying the earth and make it known to the earth. “They will state that greenhouse gasses are a major factor in causing climate change”. (Darby Andrew). Also logging is a major issue as well for the following reasons. Animals lose their habitats and weaker animals become even more easy prey. Also south america's rainforests provide 20% of earth's oxygen so if deforestation continues we will lose that 20%. Furthermore without trees it allows greater amount of greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere. Another major effect “Bleaching is an effect caused by climate change” (Darby Andrews) which occurs by acidification which makes the ocean more acid by the more carbon it absorbs. The human race needs to understand that we are shifting and causing major changes in ecosystems this is not a perplexing concept the public just needs to listen. Furthermore the public is not the only one to blame factories are a major factor in climate change as well. The emissions into the atmosphere are cause changes in climate to escalate even faster. Just think as them as a match and it's going to set the world on fire.

Who are the supporters and who will make all this happen. The public will be our major endorsers and we will receive all our donations from them. As long as “nurses continue to support and invest in the organization REAP” (Nickolas K. Patrise ETL.) they will make climate change prevention a reality. “With the public’s knowledge of tens of thousands of nurses around the world supporting REAP and investing in climate change prevention they will be more likely to support us by their donations as well as their funds”. (NIckolas K. Patrise ETL.) Implementing climate change prevention actions into schools also passing laws to help preventive climate change practices. Simple actions such as “recycling in the workplace” and at home will show the young and the old that our actions either help our damage our environment and that every little thing we do has an impact Committed citizens can change the world a simple statement that has truth if citizens focused every effort small to great we can have a lasting impact. A great example of simple actions is a couple planted trees every day for 20 years. Together the Brazilian couple planted 2 million trees to restore a destroyed forest. They were even able to form an organization to help their goal. They imbody what kind of message and actions that need to be taken. Climate change is avoidable and we can stop it we just need to change ourselves not the environment.


Our main con that most people see to our campaign is we will only inform the public about individual countries not international solutions. That’s a good concern, but our main goal is declaring climate change as the main cause will call for international change. All countries have agreed to work together towards a common goal. Countries have achieved significant progress around the world such as preserving forests after heavy logging. Another con or concern is protester will and have been met with hostility and major abuse. Countries have agreed to provide support for our protesters. Although that’s true it doesn't mean they will support violent protests as long as we have a peaceful message they will help once we go violent protesters safety will not be guaranteed. Countries have also agreed to provide comprehensive support to vulnerable people to coupe with climate change. Climate change can be solved by working together in a common goal to spread awareness.  

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Climate Change Means Death
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