Climate Change: One of The Most Dangerous Challenges

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As a human being, in this 21st century, we have existed in an era known as the "Information Age." Subsequently, I'd be sure most of us didn't know how we existed, how we adapted, and why we evolved. Therefore the origin of life should be well understood by any of us. When I was young, I always wondered of many things like where does our world came from? What is it made of? How did our life begin? Is there anyone else living in the universe or are we alone? Our history of the world began with the beginning of time, as time passes, the development and progress of evolution is constantly changing.

From the initial blast of the Bigbang, to the formation of earth and its first creatures, and the rise of man, it has taken us on a journey. The documentary explained the existence of the universe as well as how it evolved in and become billions of years ago, the history of the world is portrayed and explained in detail.

The Big Bang Theory is the leading theory of how the universe started. At its simplest, the universe as we know began with a small particle called atom and created and was inflated to the cosmos that we know today. The figures and images used in the video also highlighted the evolution of our ancestors and the things they made from Stone Age, etc. which has progressed from years to years. Man has survived for thousands of years.

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Also, some of the other animals survived, but some of them became endangered due to an unsuitable environment.I enjoyed being able to see the transitions the Earth has undergone. It seemed like I was also in that time, seeing the changes happening smoothly. I've watched a lot of documentaries in the past, but this is one of the few where I felt a strong connection.

Our planet is now facing one of the most serious and important problems it has ever had to contend with, climate change. Climate change is one of the biggest human challenges on the earth, and the effects of this are evident and may result in environmental risks to our home. We have to attend in this and try to stop contributing to climate change and other effects that causes it. When the temperature continues to increase, all living things on earth would become uninhabitable due to high temperature changes. The earth is indeed the home of us. We've been made of it, and we're sustained by it. We are deeply touched by its enigmatic beauty and we are losing it. What is wrong with us? Who isn't guilty of that? We have been provided the earth as our home. Now as human takes the center stage. It's important to remember just how small as dust of history we actually occupied. To make things simple, we humans have been around only for a very brief instant in the recorded history of the universe so we are supposed to respond with respect and to properly take care of the earth and each other.

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Climate Change: One of The Most Dangerous Challenges
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