Coca Cola Company and Environmental Problem

The product being advertised is a drink. The brand name for the product is coca cola. This is a successful name for the product because it is very simple and easy to remember. It is also alliterative. I think that the target audience for this product is children and teenagers because it has a lot of toys which children like, but I also think it is aimed at adults too to bring out the child in them.This advert attracts it target audience because of the colour red, the images are very colourful and children like colour and toys so it draws they’re attention straight away. It is very bold and eye-catching. The red is very bright. The motive for the advertisement is to draw the audience’s attention to buy the product and also to fulfil a need according to Maslow’s theory that human behaviour is focused on satisfying certain basic types of needs. Adverts are designed to show you how buying or using a product can help you satisfy these needs. I think this product fulfils the need to survive, need for affiliation and the need to find meaning in life according to Maslow\'s theory. The main image on the advertisement is the cartoons of teddy bears, bicycles, umbrellas and school buses.

This has been chosen to draw the attention of the audience. The image has connotations of school and childhood. This would attract the target audience because it is very colourful and bright. The camera distance used in the advertisement is a long shot; this has been used to show a variety of emotions. There is no camera angle in this advertisement. The typeface used in the advertisement is small but big enough to read. would attract the target audience because it is very bold and catchy. The main colour used in the advertisement is red. The colour red has connotations of fun, adventure, romance and danger mainly in this advert it is suggesting fun. The choice of colours would attract the target audience because it is very bright and it catches most people\'s attention. The logo used in the advertisement is the coke bottle. This is successful because it is a known brand. It would attract the target audience because it is known and when they see the advertisement they will know what it is selling.

The slogan used for the product is ‘Open up to the coke side of life.’ This is effective because also referring to the Maslow theory it’s a need to find meaning in life particularly in this product it is suggesting life is for having fun we can see this because of the small images in the advertisement there are images of teddy bears, hearts, bicycles and it the colour very bright and stands out this normally is a connotation of fun and excitement. The language used in the advertisement is ‘Open up to the coke side of life’. The word life has connotations of philosophy and the meaning of life. This would persuade the audience to purchase the product because it is focused on fulfilling a need and it makes you thirsty for it because it caught the audience\'s attention, so you are more likely to be thirsty.
Overall the ad is very convincing, very innovative and very smart techniques were implemented in this ad. The ad could\'ve been directed to a bigger audience including senior people, and there was some criticism of this ad from global warming advocates and many other people. This ad has improved sales and revenue of Coca Cola and overall supported the company mission and goals mission.