A Comparison of Two Opinions About the Efficacy of the Turtle Excluder Device

The reading and lecture are about Turtle Excluder Device (TED). The writer thinks this invention is a great benefit that reduces the amount of sea turtle deaths. The lecturer of the listening passage disagrees. She thinks that it needs more improvement. She challenges the author's points.

To begin with, the writer states that TED has a mechanical barrier in the middle of the net that prevents large animals from getting caught deep inside the net. He also stated that it is invented to help sea turtles.

This point is challenged by the professor. She thinks that TED has a metal barrier that does not allow animals larger than ten centimeter and also small and mid-size turtles still get caught inside the net.

Also, the writer mentions that the shrimp-turtle law was passed to ensure that the TED was installed and monitored efficiently. The lecturer, however, disagrees. She thinks that TED reduces shrimp loss and also leads to loss of profits.

She also points out that boat owners remove the TED when they are on the open sea and companies cannot monitor them from the shore.

Finally, the author posits that America controls shrimping industry and those using TED-installed shrimping trawls that do not follow the rules cannot sell to US. The professor is doubtful that this is accurate. She claims that those with the TED certificate have fake documentation. The professor establishes that shrimping is a global business and certificate from different countries makes it difficult to identify the real one.

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