Comprehensive Analysis of Brazil Sustainability

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In today’s society global business has made a huge impact by expanding and ensuring a successful and guaranteed outcome for future endeavors. Brazilian hair extensions are a product that is based out of Brazil, and the product is challenging and has expanded their services in many other countries. The product needs to prove that a country’s regional position and their internal operations could be an asset for expanding globally.

Regional Analysis

According to some research, Brazil economic and social progress has lifted a great deal of people out of poverty and inequality has dropped tremendously.

One of the most economic challenges was restoring fiscal sustainability. During the time between 2003 and 2014 the income level of the poorest 40% of the population increased by an average of 7.1% compared to a 4.4% increase in income for the population as a whole. Since 2015, however, the pace of poverty and inequality reduction seems to have been at a standstill. Brazil performance indicates evidence of political stability in the country.

Brazil has awake from a strong recession and has been struggling with a high depress of economic activity. Brazil gross rate has been slowly decreasing since the beginning. brazil economic crisis results is due to the failing of commodity prices with limits to the country ability to carry out the necessary needs to fiscal reforms at all levels of government, thus undermining consumer and investor confidence. A major reform of the Brazil pension system passed by the government in 2019, this potential for economic growth has become an improvement for the future government spending scores.

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Although Brazil has made some improvement, Brazil still needs to accelerate the productivity growth and infrastructure for the country development. Brazil conducted a systematic diagnosis for the country in 2016 in which this will determine some challenges that the country is facing during the cross of paths to obtain an inclusive yet sustainable growth.

There are strategies that must be considered for partnership among the country performance. Brazil three strategies features fiscal sustainable and delivery service improvements, in addition to productivity and growth and as mentioned before sustainable growth. Fiscal sustainability focuses on support adjustment that relies on better efficiency in delivering to public service health and education, productivity growth focuses on the alignments in making efforts to decrease regulatory barriers that undermine competitiveness, in addition to correcting credit markets and mobilized investments distortions, and lastly developing the inclusive sustainable development objective is to support Brazil\'s ambitious Nationally Defined Contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement by promoting global partnerships.

Country Risk Analysis

It is essential to understand any risk associated with a country or just specific states when making decisions in venturing and expanding a new business. Political, legal and loss of funds are areas of business that requires focus because those are the most challenges faced in results to a country’s risk. Brazil has not weathered the global economic crisis without major problems; its middle class is growing. Brazil faced some challenges and dilemmas with reviving the world economy in the before-crisis the promotion of sustained and sustainable development produce some major challenges for the next generation of leaders and decision makers worldwide. The past content can be a result in signs of not being ready to venture out and join partnership but because there is room for growth there is potential. Brazil has made some improvements with its environmental laws and implemented several initiatives to combat climate change, with significant reductions in emissions. The outcome results to growing the economy, finding ways to increase the global market with revenue and expectation to overcome the wave of recession.

Organization and Product/Service Analysis

Brazilian hair extensions is a product that the business outcome has manufactured throughout a friendly environment for years now it also has become a hair game changer throughout several countries, Brazilian hair is one of the most wanted hair extensions in the current market for anyone who is looking for a trendy replacement with a versatile of many different textures and natural looking hairstyles. Brazil hair extensions are a leading and more dominate version of good hair that has made a huge impact globally around the country. Brazil hair extensions are an available quality that’s perfect with no negative results. Brazilian extensions are considered a versatile product that consumer’s satisfaction has become a plus. The selling of this product has improved the physical appearance by driving hair pieces and extensions market worldwide. The increase of income levels has persuaded consumers to increase and spend money on goods that is a personal grooming in the beauty product industry, which, in turn, is highly impacted with confidence to invest in personal grooming. The hair care segment accounted for 18% of the total revenue of the global beauty market in 2017 and was the second-largest segment after skincare.

Although the hair extension is expanding globally, the rise to success is steady climbing with the acceptance of hair extensions among global celebrities and actors have become a huge driver for growth segment. Brazil hair wigs, extensions etc… has become a high end product in the entertainment and fashion industry. The Brazilian hair product has brought attention to people with hair loss, alopecia, confidence and just an enhancement. The demand of services with the increase of hair products in the following countries China, Japan, India, South Korea, Europe, Germany, and France and is still finding the market segments to rise globally in other countries as well. The product will continue to focus on customer satisfaction, provide market size, growth, opportunities and expanding my company presence worldwide.

I also focus on making my brand launch new products that will promote and provide a network that will be a comprehensive insight on the latest industry trends, market forecast, and growth drivers in the hair wigs and extensions business. The vision is parallel to its market, the company sells, profits, and markets Brazilian hair and it’s focused on shareholder values. The different hair products that are being sold at affordable prices are not only made by itself, but it’s an investment in other makers and sellers to further launch and grow with their company. The improvements in Brazil economy marketing and the growing opportunities that it has overcome have proven to be a country that cans the company partner will ensure a successful outcome.


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