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I did my under graduation in Commerce with Concentration in Computers in 2019. After that, I have joined in Digimatrix Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad based Startup IT firm. Over the course of more than a year working as an intern and Programmer Analyst followed, I learned different technologies related to my profession and played different challenging roles. At present, I am one of the member of a team of professionals where my role includes dealing with technical and management challenges.

My interest towards Commerce and Computers had driven me to choose Commerce with Concentration in Computers at Bhavitha Degree College, Devarakonda.

My undergraduate course has given me a comprehensive knowledge of the basic areas in Computer Science such as Fundamentals of C, Programming with C, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Web Technologies, Relational Database Management Systems and major areas in Commerce such as Financial, Cost, Corporate, Managerial and Advanced Accounting, Financial Management, Taxation, Business Statistics, Business and Company Laws and Banking. I am very thankful to one of my professors G.

Rajashekar Reddy, who thought Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and Web Technology. His profound knowledge in DBMS and the way of teaching attracted me more towards Oracle databases. Besides academics, I have participated in technical presentation competitions conducted at our college and also taken academic sessions for our class. I was also the class representative responsible for sharing information and updates among students, faculty and department. Through these, I have learned team managing and leadership skills.

I also worked for another project under the guidance of prof.

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G.Rajashekar Reddy titled Health Care Management System. It was great opportunity to work under him. The application assists Hospitals to maintain details of patients, doctors, staff, legal and insurance aspects and Surgeries types etc. While developing this application, we have consulted one of Hospitals to understand the nuances of various activities that take place in a hospital and converted those processes into technical specifications. It was very challenging to realize and implement what business requires. After analyzing everything carefully, we have designed and implemented database schema of the project. It was a good learning for us and helped me to understand how real time applications are built.

During my graduation, I joined Digimatrix Solutions Pvt Ltd in January 2019 as an Intern, which I found as a very good opportunity to gain training and real time work experience. As I was good at Oracle databases, my trainer gave me opportunity to take workshops on oracle to my colleagues. I have been appreciated by everyone for the knowledge which I have in databases. I was appreciated and received first prize in technical presentation competition conducted for interns. During Internship, I was assigned directly into the project meant for implementing web application for asset management to the largest bank in the United States. I have worked in this project for 4 months during which I have got a chance to learn and work with springs, Mybatis, Web sphere portal servers and Application servers. I learned length and breadth of application and got a chance to train junior interns. The most challenging part of this application is to understand and reduce turnaround time in interaction with different backend systems.

After this, I was recruited directly and joined a team developing web application for a leading Health Insurance Company based in UAE. I am very fortunate to be a part of this team as I got chance to develop Web services using REST API. This project was very challenging in my career at Digimatrix as this project includes stringent deadlines though it has to be implemented in a new technology. I took this opportunity to understand the project requirement by analyzing the documents, creating project plan and preparing test cases. With my team support, we executed a bug free project. I received many appreciations from clients for my dedication to work. I strongly believe that technology will provide efficient solutions to the day to day problems faced by ordinary man. I have also tested it many a times in my real life. To quote one, My village was always reeling under water scarcity, the prevailing sources of water supply i.e. wells, streams and reservoirs are the subject of contamination as they have high content of chloride, nitrate, sulphate, fluoride and the hardness. Villagers used to get drinking water using tankers from a distant places paying high cost. Since my childhood, I dreamt of providing a solution to end this enduring problem. But I managed to convince my father only during my graduation. Using the best available technology in the market, we have installed a water purifier plant and started supplying water to the public at a lower rate. After four years, I would say we have succeeded in our efforts that even collecting lower prices, we have managed to sustain our business. Now, we have expanded our business to ten other nearby villages.

Having worked for more than a year in an IT firm gaining good knowledge in all the phases of SDLC (design and development of J2EE technologies) and testing my managements and entrepreneurship skills, I feel doing Masters in technology will keep me on fast track learning by providing the opportunity to meet with enthusiastic peers and a chance to interact with experienced faculty. After a good deal of self-evaluation I have decided to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science & Information Systems (CIS), which I think is best option. It also gives support in planning, operations and decision making. With this, I can help my clients with cost effective solutions for infrastructure and advancement of business. My short term goal, upon completing my course, would be to join a technology firm as a Software Engineer. Eventually, I want to be part of solving technical and business issues. The prime reason for my decision to study in University of Michigan Flint is attributed to the top class faculty and well-designed course structure covering broader aspects of Computer Science which gives me an extra edge to sustain in today’s competitive world. Moreover, I found that the course curriculum at this university suits my interests than that of any other university. Modules such as Advanced Computer Networking , Computer System Architecture, Algorithm and Complexity Analysis, Advanced Database Concepts and Emerging Applications which are very relevant to my area of interest. I believe expertise in this area will be indispensable for any modern organization to function well without hiccups.

In summation, I believe that Master’s degree in Computer Science & Information Systems program from your university would help me make a real and substantial contribution to the business world. I am confident of my experiences in work so far, together with my abiding interest in the subject, will make me a strong candidate for the program.

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