Consequences of No Earlier Actions

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Is it necessary to reduce climate gas emissions or, are all the changes natural?

In this essay I`m going to talk about if we have to reduce the climate gas emission, or if we don`t have to do anything to avoid it. Gas emissions is a big topic in the world, and it is a lot of discussion around it. Some people do not believe that the climate changes are a problem in the world, and some have strong opinions about it.

Gas emission is a subject many organizations has study for a long time, and UN are doing a great job with climate conventions that include almost the whole world. This great job started back in 1992, and for now, “the Paris Agreement” are signed by 195 states in the world. The number one goal of this agreement is to keep the global heat two degrees compared with before the industrial times. (

UN has a Climate convention, started as long back as in 1994.

Many countries in the world are in it, just separated in two different categories, for those rich countries and poor countries.  We have to reduce the greenhouse gas emission not because it is not only killing the earth, but also because it is killing the humans. We are always talking about how we are killing the environment, and I can see why people are talking about that since that is the first thing you can see. However, we humans are also effected, and we are the main reason we get effected.

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We have a good example today, since the covid-19 virus has become a pandemic the world has stopped. China has reduced its greenhouse gasses emissions with 30%, and that is amazing. It`s not just China who has reduced their emissions, almost every country in this world has reduced their emissions.

For the first time in many years, you can now breathe clean air from the streets in china, China always been known for their polluted air, but now you can breathe there. In addition, the reason why this thing has happened are that the pollution has gone down since the outbreak of covid-19.

This is a statistic over the countries who is using the most gas emissions, in 2017. As we can see, USA is using the most gas emissions. However, why?

The reason why I am bringing that up is that it is a good example for what we should do next, if we keep the earth cleaner the world would look much nicer. However, the climate change has not hit every country, just the countries that has the most pollution. People say that this climate crisis is not human made and I can agree to that, but I am no expert so I do not know. However, if you look it up there has always been climate changes, just look at Svalbard, why do you think there is so much coal there? In addition, almost the whole world has been under ice, and how do you think the ice melted?

I am not saying that humans shouldn’t reduce their greenhouse gas emissions because we should, the world could be a better place for the next generation, therefor I think we humans could think twice when we order that ticket to Gran Canaria



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Consequences of No Earlier Actions
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