Controversy Over The Natural Resources

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Men are usually violently raped during a war to degrade, humiliate and emasculate men. I’ve read several articles on this topic and realized that this happens more often than people report or document. So, with the question that was asked of masculinity, we need to ask what does the nation expect of men during a war and during peace. From an early age, little boys are trained and prepared to be strong physically, aggressive, masculine and physical. Along with being in control and powerful, in the history of war, it depicts violent male heroes.

When women are raped in war, they are raped to embarrass the men of the enemy, its used to demonstrate power, control, and dominance, for sexual release, possibly reproduction. The term masculinity, I believe is useful in explaining why men do and do not rape during war and their aftermaths. To answer that question one may ask, what does it mean to ‘be a man’ in those situations? What is expected of a man when he is participating in war? Usually, that’s tied into a couple of things: dominance, power, protection, humiliation, and sex.

I could imagine that there are some of those men who are at war and rape would not even fathom doing it under circumstances outside of war.  Rape is recognized as torture and a war crime by International Law.

What’s different in every war are the circumstances and resources. There are some men who take advantage of the chaos to satisfy their sexual desires and lusts.

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Sexual violence can also be a weapon of war.There are several different issues that can lead to a war involving violent sexual violence and rape. A common explanation is that people fight over the sanctimonious issue of servitude and slavery. It was the business of slavery and political administration of that system that was pivotal of the conflict. Another factor was territorial development. Civil wars involved corrupt leaders, and insurgents with ideologies related to ethnonationalism, natural resources, societal movement, and interclan political views. Natural resource oppositions are battles and disputes over natural resources.

These battles often arise because people have different methods of resources such as forests, water, pastures, and land, or want to manage the policies, programmes, and projects.  One of the more prominent causes of war that included rape and sexual violence is controversy over the natural resources. The risk of war has been regularly linked to a few financial conditions, such as the necessity against primary goods exports and low national revenue. The objective measures of convivial complaints, such as bias, inequality, a lack of justice, and ethnic and theological divisions.

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