Could Hollywood Save the World From Climate Change?

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Could Hollywood Save the World From Climate Change?

What would you be willing to do if you knew that it would mean the end of the world if you didn’t do it? \nIs there any industry better equipped than the entertainment industry aka “Hollywood” to fight climate change? It has the ability to create, produce, and market movies and television to the masses for whatever cause (or lack thereof ) that they choose. \nWould they be in the business of saving the world if there would be no world without them getting into it?\nIn other words, Hollywood has gained huge amounts of power money and fame as a tourist attraction and an icon.

For both those who made and make movies and tv, and the individual people who work behind the scenes and in front of the camera. In order for all this cushy living and lives of luxury that are the envy of the entire world, you had to have a world in the first place.

Hollywood has the ability and the talent and everything it needs at it’s disposal. Though it may not be something they wanted to have to do right now, it will make them even more successful in the long run. Their legacy is their own for the writing of it, and entirely dependent on there being a world in which to have a legacy in the first place.

The richest most successful people and industries on this hot little blue marble, I would think would be the first to want to do everything within their power to save it if for no other reason than without it all their hard work goes up in flames right along with the burning planet.

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Success, fame, and wealth mean very little without a world with things to see and people to buy. With no gravitational planet, you can not throw your weight around. How will you wield all that hard-won power?

As our days, weeks, months, years of inaction accumulate like the newspaper that have that days distraction splashed across the headlines sucking out all of our attention so we hardly notice as they begin to smolder and burn like a pack rats house. \nAre there other industries that are well matched to save the world? We can only hope that if there are, that they will step up. If the world is to be saved, it will need all the help it can get.

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Could Hollywood Save the World From Climate Change?
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