A Critique of How Wolves Change Rivers, a Video by Sustainable Human

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This video, by YouTube channel Sustainable Human in 2014, explores the geological and ecological interactions in an environment. The video does this by focusing on the introduction of wolves into the Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. It argues that the introduction of wolves had an immense and far reaching effect on Yellowstone's environment and even the geography of Yellowstone's rivers. The video explains how the wolves caused a chain reaction by reducing the deer population which meant more grass and trees which led to more birds and small animals and etcetera and etcetera.

These examples are provided in a clear and logical flow and on an easily followable cause and effect basis. With a format such as a YouTube video, the video likely intended to explain this ecological phenomenon to the general populous. The video strays relatively far from scientific terminology and tries to logically explain how the interconnectedness of an environment can be changed by the introduction of one species.

In doing so the is very understandable to most people. The video effectively explains the importance of even a single species of animal to an ecosystem in broad and easily understandable terms.

In regard to David Skorton's argument, this video stands as the prime example of the importance of literary skills in science. The video is very simply told and in an interesting way to almost any audience. It is reminiscent of other popular science formats such as Carl Sagan's Cosmos and acts to explain a complex scientific phenomenon in a way that those not scientifically literate will understand.

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It is also very successful in its purpose of increasing scientific awareness as it has garnered 38 million views. Understanding how to make an easily approachable science format can help greatly increase public awareness of important scientific discoveries.


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A Critique of How Wolves Change Rivers, a Video by Sustainable Human
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